Introducing White Ink Printing Services from Entwistle

25th November 2016

White ink is a game changer for the digital print and wide format industries. This was certainly the case for Entwistle, offering white ink print solutions allowed us to expand our client’s potential by offering products printed on dark and colourful substrates.

Adding white as the fifth colour in the CMYK printing process has freed our clients up to all sorts of exciting creative and professional opportunities. From lookbooks to business cards, catalogues to posters and storefronts to menus, white ink creates striking and memorable prints. 

White ink printing allows businesses to do the following:

•    Use white ink as an undercoat or on top of coloured substrates.

•    Use white ink as a spot colour to brighten certain areas.

•    Print onto Kraft, coated and uncoated paper.

•    Use as a pre, or post coat on clear substrates.

•    Used alongside metallic substrates for special effects.

These next sections will show how specific sectors can maximise their offering with white ink printing.

White Ink for Graphic Design

White ink is a graphic designer’s secret weapon. When used in combination with paper stocks; the unique outputs of paper stock are an innovative way to take your clients brand in a new direction.

White ink takes its place as the new colour on the CMYK colour spectrum, this puts the power in the graphic designer's hand, there are a limitless amount of possibilities available when using white ink, from tactical spot colouring to frosting or translucent special effects. Utilising white ink will bolster your portfolio and act as a great backdrop when pursuing new clients. 

To produce the highest quality printing with white ink requires digital presses beyond the affordability of most printing companies. Entwistle’s presses can lay down multiple hits of white ink to get a base coat to achieve the full dynamic effect. Lesser equipment cannot do this and the results are not as impressive.

White Ink Solutions for Fashion Design

The fashion industry is heavily reliant on print media for advertising products, services, and trends. In an industry which takes no prisoners, it is essential to put your best foot forward. White ink can add the finishing touch to jewellery boxes or gift bags, accentuate particular garments in your lookbook or set the theme and tone for a pure, clean product line.

Not to mention having the ability print white designs and typography onto black garments. What white ink offers the fashion industry is the opportunity to create designs and features which reflect on the aesthetics of your brand, something that isn’t always possible when printing using the traditional CMYK process.

White Ink Printing for Architecture and Construction

There is a raft of opportunities for architectural firms and building practitioners. White ink gives creatives, engineers and stakeholders peace of mind knowing that their designs and vision are perfectly represented in print. It is essential for these printed documents to be persuasive and accurate at all stages of the architectural timeline.

From ideation, documentation through to survey pitch and tender – your plans need to be conveyed in a concise manner and a way which is appealing to the eye. If you are distributing plans to a construction team or pitching for a mammoth new contract, consider white ink as a key to success.

Corporates and Businesses 

There is a multitude of white ink printing options available for SMEs. From law firms to software agency’s the door is open for innovative designs the can bring your brand – and office – to life. Thought provoking mission statements printed on uncoated paper, business proposal printed with spot white ink, or print your white papers documents with. One of our favourite usages of white ink is on business cards, it creates a lasting impression on potential clients and helps to make innovative reflections of your brand. Event coordinators and business development staff will relish in the opportunities white ink provides for extending their brands reach.

Retail Stores Come to Life With White Ink

White ink gives your business access to new market opportunities. Some items just make more sense with white text, namely menus, which need to balance aesthetic appeal and have a clear communicative purpose. Sales can always be leveraged by conveying the values of your brand and a clean print, whether its brochures, menus or decorative designs or store front prints.

Get creative with your White Ink Printing

White ink provides the opportunity to print with a white base coat, this gives you the ability to print on a variety of new substrates. From here event coordinators, artists and photographers are gifted the opportunity to create striking effects in a very simple way. Also, having the ability to control the density of white ink can enable you to get creative with frost and translucent effects. The applications are truly limitless. The power is in your hands to extend the reach of your practice.

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