White Ink Printing

White ink printing brings artwork to life

The challenge has always been how to create something that is memorable, something that has that little bit extra. White Ink printing does just that. The results are highly impressive and should be seen first hand. At Entwistle Group we would be delighted to show you some samples.

White ink printing brings images to life

White ink printing can add tremendous impact. Our white ink print service is available in both large format using our flat bed printer and small format using our Indigo presses. Almost uniquely we can offer low volume print runs which are ideal if customers require one off pieces or prototypes and this has considerable cost savings.

As we have two HP indigo presses we can produce proofs very quickly for customer sign off. White ink printing often produces results that far exceeds customer’s expectations and as our process is digital the results will be consistent every time. Repeat print runs will also be identical so ordering in small batches makes sense.

Under printing with white ink enhances colour vibrancy

Under printing using white ink is another technique to ensure colours are produced with maximum vibrancy. This process is similar to an under coat in decorating and mostly used when colours are going to be printed on a dark material. The white ink layer is printed first followed by the colours.

Under printing can also be used by designers on dark materials to allow the natural material to be part of the design itself. In this instance white ink is printed on the material in all areas other than the area that is to be seen. Colours are then printed on the white area to powerful effect whilst the exposed area then becomes part of the design. A good example would be printing on wood where a section of grain could be seen. 

Over printing delivers a full colour gambit

Other clients require a process known as over printing where a whole layer of white ink is applied to a transparent material such as vinyl or acrylic and then the main image is printed on the reverse using a full gambit of colours. The white ink layer ensures that the colour image is then brought to life and that its colours are radiant and powerful.    

Expert advice

We know lots of secrets that can ensure colours are managed throughout the creation and print process. We fully support PDF workflow and will happily advise you on how to produce digital artwork which will deliver high quality, accurate print everytime time.

As we work with some of the most innovative and dynamic design houses in the UK we get to see the latest creative ideas for deploying white ink in print. All our customers benefit from our experience and we really do deliver for our clients.

A service second to none

At Entwistle Group we are used to tight deadlines. Our customers’ range considerably in size and their jobs vary in volume. All our customers get the same level of priority: top!

If you would like to learn more about our white ink printing service or any other type of printing please call sales now on 0161 839 0661

We have branches in Bradford, Manchester, Middleton and Warrington.

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