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Hoarding boards perform a number of vital roles. They can display Health and Safety notices and information the public might find helpful about the construction project or they perform the more mundane roll of being a physical barrier securing the construction site perimeter.

There is almost no limit to the shape or size of the hoarding boards we manufacture at our in house facility although many customers prefer more conventional designs communicating their brand values or logos. At Entwistle Group we will work with the customer to design the most suitable site hoarding boards for the customer and just as importantly deliver and install them on time.

What are site hoarding boards made of?

Entwistle Group’s hoarding boards are constructed out of aluminium composite board containing a double sided aluminium skin bonded onto a plastic inner core. Single or double sided versions are available - single for typical perimeter wall mounting; double sided for hanging applications. The thickness of the board is 3.5mm.

Design and Installation

Our design team can work to any brief to create wonderfully designed high quality hoarding boards. On larger building sites we frequently work alongside main contractors organising access equipment, method statements and risk assessments. We can also advise on other aspects of your project including government guidelines and safety issues such as road closures and compliance.

Durability and quality

Our hoarding boards are designed to be durable and look fabulous. They are water proof, rust proof and won’t crack. Image quality is exceptional as our large format machines print at a true 1440 dpi. Colours are highly vibrant and accurate and our machines are as happy printing fine details as they are solid block of colour.

Vandal resistant site hoarding boards

For construction sites in areas prone to vandalism we can laminate the board with a  hi-gloss anti-grafitti film. The film is made from high quality polester and has an ultra gloss surface which is resistant to unwanted spray paint. We also offer a matt laminate finish which is scratch proof too and has the added benefit of being considerably less reflective than the hi gloss film so graphics are displayed clearly even when strong light sources are present. 

Advertise you project

Hoarding boards are an excellent opportunity to inform the public about the construction project. Why not turn yours into an advertsing hoardings board to show case the development if it is a property development? Beautiful printed images of the completed project are a highly effective sales tool and drive off plan sales. Why not include the sales office contact details or the estate agent’s details for enquiries?

Perimeter protection

One of the primary functions of site hoarding boards is protection. The public need protection from building works but also construction sites need protecting against the public. A secure perimeter wall certainly deters casual thieves and keeps out of site valuable tools and building materials.

At the early stages of a building site the appearance of a construction site is often unsightly  and needs to be closed off to appease neighbouring property owners. It is an essential part of considerate development schemes.

If you have any further questions about our site hoarding board printing service please contact sales on 0161 839 0661









We have branches in Bradford, Manchester, Middleton and Warrington.

  • Available in aluminium composite board
  • Single or double sided versions
  • Vandal resistant versions
  • 8ft x 4ft sheets 
  • Design and installation service


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