190 GSM Gloss Photo

190 GSM Gloss Photo Paper Rolls

Product Details

A 190 gram micro porous coated, gloss photo paper with PE film on both sides. The coating has been designed to work best with aqueous based inks and allows for quick drying. Compatible with most wide format printers. 

Printed items contain a broad colour gamut and colours are produced with strong vibrancy. The paper is ideal for indoor posters and photo related applications as it produces excellent photo realistic prints.

Manufacturer: SIHL

Range: Rocket Photo Paper PE 190

What makes a high quality 190 gsm gloss paper roll?

Three components are required:

  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • High resolution of details and excellent colour definition
  • High Ink absorption capacity

The starting point is a high quality ink receiver layer to ensure ink hitting the surface stays in position. This is achieved by manufacturing the paper in such a way that it ‘s surface is made up of tens of thousands of tiny pyramids. This allows for heavy saturation of ink building layers without the droplets of ink bleeding into one another causing problems like metamerism or bronzing.

How to identify a high performing paper

Ask us! We are one of the largest printers in the North West and buy bulk quantities of 190 gsm gloss photo paper rolls for our print bureaus. We extensively test and evaluate all the paper we use ourselves to meet our customers exacting standards and to maintain our excellent reputation.

Longterm use of a paper is vital to assess it’s quality and consistency. We have found SIHL’s Rocket Photo Paper PE 190 to be an outstanding performer which is why we carry it as our gloss photo paper for our media customers.

How to choose between gloss and satin paper rolls

High gloss photo wide format paper rolls share many of the characteristics of satin photo paper. Their coatings enable them to handle high resolution images with heavy ink coverage but still deliver accurate colour with the largest possible colour gamut. By the nature of a glossy surface more light is reflected so the colours can appear ‘brighter’ however this also has a flip side in that glossy images in the wrong location can allow too much light causing ‘glare’ and the inability to see the image clearly. Most high quality 190 gram papers are available in Gloss or Satin for this reason as a gloss image in the right location will look fantastic but if it is exposed to direct sunlight then Satin would be the better option.

Exposure to strong light and direct sunlight

Understanding where the printed image will be located is key to making the right decision on which paper coating to go for. Most people have a preference for gloss, satin or matt but to make the most of the image or your message the amount of light the print will be exposed to is the key determinant. A glossy print displayed internally with well balanced consistent lighting will deliver stunning sharp images and the most vibrant and accurate colours. If you are unable to control the lighting as is the case at exhibitions a satin finish is preferable.

Why buy from Entwistle

We have been trading for over 110 years and have offered a first rate service throughout our long history. Our staff are amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry. If you have any questions about 190 gsm gloss photo paper rolls, supplies in general or wide format equipment we would be delighted to help.

Ordering online is straightforward but if you would prefer to call sales then please phone 0161 653 9310. We also offer accounts to regular customers.

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  • 100% recycled paper available

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