Directional Signs

We custom print any size or shape of sign

Directional Signage is something we all take for granted but having clear information in the right place is essential.

Permanent and temporary signs - we offer differant base materials

You also need to consider the location and lifespan of the signage as this will determine the material it’s made out of. It could be a short-term project/event or maybe a full site rebrand, which is why we have lots of options from heavy duty metals to aluminium composite panels, a range of plastics or even fabric, these all come in a wide choice of size and thicknesses but can also be cut to specific sizes or shapes. Choose from:

  • Aluminium composite panels
  • Plastic
  • Fabric

Waterproof and lightfast inks ensure durability

Advancements in ink technology over the past few years has seen it become much more robust, vibrant and flexible with the addition of Latex inks. Waterproof and lightfast they can tackle the best or worst of the UK’s weather.

If there’s a likelihood of the signage getting damaged due to its location or being in high traffic areas like stations or schools you can add extra protection with anti-scratch/anti-vandal protective laminates. The edges of the signage can also be fixed so inquisitive fingers can’t get behind them.

We offer a design service and an online ordering tool 

As for what is on the sign that’s down to you. Brand is very important which will usually determine the logos, colours and fonts but once that’s locked in the rest is easy. As well as being able to help you with the design we can also make your signage available online. This gives easy access to a template based system where all the branding is fixed and you can simply type in the content, add arrows, logos and images all from your own desk. Not only does this speed up the process allowing you to get urgent orders to site but also see previous orders, the associated costs and get exactly what you need.

We can produce any shape

Directional Signage doesn’t have to be rectangular either we can make it to fit the exact space you have. Wall mounted and free standing are the most popular but in some situations floor graphics can be the best option or work to complement the traditional signs you already have. There are lots of options with vinyl nonslip floor materials which can be permanent or removeable and very quick to fit, again these can be internal or external.

Come and see our sign printing service for yourself

We can provide a simple directional sign service where it’s just replacing existing signage, maybe updating a brand or message but if you have projects that are more complex we can come out and perform a site survey so we understand clearly what you are trying to achieve and advise on how best we can deliver that.

We have sample packs available for the most popular materials used for Directional Signs so please contact us to request your free pack. You’re also welcome to visit our production facility if you would like to see in depth how they are manufactured.

So there’s no excuse for having tired signage, old branding or difficult to follow directional signage, sorting it is easier than you think.

If you have any further questions about our directional sign printing service please contact sales on 0161 839 0661

We have branches in Bradford, Manchester, Middleton and Warrington.

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