Custom Size Drywipe

Custom Size Drywipe boards the size of walls.... 

It might not sound that exciting but you’d be surprised how having the information you need at hand with the ability to add and remove comments improves your daily tasks.

We can supersize your drywipe board!

You can buy a standard size drywipe board off any website as a blank canvas but in reality you need fixed relevant data, forms or even maps on there which is where we come in.

You also don’t want to be limited to a ‘standard’ size either as that space you’ve got in mind can be filled edge to edge and as high as you can reach.

From portacabin to office we have a solution

We also produce our drywipe panels out of a range of materials, some more flexible than others. With Rail we find many installations are in portacabins where the walls can flex. Choosing an aluminium composite panel as the base for the drywipe in this instance will give you a rigid flat surface to write on.

We can produce a custom shapes

Our panels needn’t be rectangles either, we’ve worked on several projects where the drywipe panels need to fit around wall mounted screens, radiators and windows. We would carry out a site survey to get the necessary dimensions and also assess the structure it will be fitted to as this could dictate the materials we use to make the custom drywipe. The intricate cuts and shapes are made using our CNC machines and we’d determine the best material for the finish, fitting and longevity.

We can fit the board with minimal disruption

You may think it’s complicated to get a custom drywipe but it isn’t. We have an inhouse design team who can take your information from Excel, Word, Visio, just about anything even convert your hand written scribbles into something you’ll be proud to have on your wall.

Once it’s all printed, cut and fitted together you’ll have your own custom drywipe wall.

You may want to go the extra mile and have it magnetic so you can stick content onto it, please see our ‘Magnetic Wall’ section if this is the case.    

We have branches in Bradford, Manchester, Middleton and Warrington.

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