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15th November 2016

Paper is the most important part of print design. It is where your work is going to live. We’re here to enhance your choice of graphics, typeface, or photos with elegant print paper options.

Entwislte go the extra step to ensure you leave our offices with a print that perfectly captures the nuances of your brand.

What is Uncoated Paper?

Uncoated paper is any paper that does not have a clay coating, this gives it more of a porous texture compared to glossy coated paper. When printing digitally, uncoated paper is generally more absorbent of ink which makes it quicker to dry, decreasing turnaround time. A glossy, slick sheet of paper will create a much different response than warm, uncoated paper. This uniquely earthy feel is what makes uncoated paper so elegant and attractive, which is often why premium brands choose uncoated paper for menus, business cards, envelopes, letterheads and brochures.

When should you use uncoated paper?


When we work with restaurants to create premium menus we always consider the atmosphere, how often the menu will be updated, clientele and the general vibe of the restaurant.

Uncoated stock is always the best option for restaurants because the copy is easier on the eye than glossy, coated paper.

We also believe that the granular and earthy feel of the paper can tie into the atmospherics of your restaurant from décor to menu items.

Customising your uncoated paper depends on the finer points of your bar or restaurant. Bar and cocktail menus should be made with thick uncoated paper to withstand constant handling and messy environments. We often fold the menus so they will become even sturdier. For fine dining restaurants should consider textured finishes to bring command elegant impressions.

Brochures & Catalogues

Entwistle has printed a variety of brochures for a range of clients. We prefer to use uncoated paper for these projects so that we can put your best foot forward. A sophisticated brochure with stylish typeface and design shows the consumer that you are willing to go that extra mile.

It’s these little details that make a big difference in the consumer’s mind. All our brochures are printed with full HD printers, so you won’t have to worry about quality.

Business Cards & Letterheads

A business card is the first insight someone will have about your brand. Don’t lose ground on the first impression with a substandard card, you need a business card that symbolises the professional nature of your business. Uncoated paper has a sophisticated, professional feel. Don’t miss the chance to make an instant impression on your clientele. To ensure your business sends the right messages all our business cards are printed with HD Litho printing.

Call Entwistle Today

We are here to collaborate. Our team of printing experts is more than happy to go over the finer details of uncoated paper and how it can be best applied towards your brand.

Entwistle is your premium printing partners, get in contact today for uncoated paper menus, business cards, envelopes, letter heads and brochures. We are based in Manchester, Warrington, Bradford and Middleton.

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