Working from home - how to send large files for printing

17th April 2020

Working from home brings many advantages but printing files that were previously printed on large office printers or CAD plotters can be problematic. Printing a few A4 sheets on the home printer is fine but when there are high volumes to print it’s a non starter. This isn’t just because your Cyan ink cartridge is trying to do its best with the 1% ink left remaining but also the 15 sheets of white paper remaining in that packet you felt certain was half full.  Another problem is most domestic printers print up to A4 (210mm x 297mm) but if larger prints are required and your work printer is inaccessible then outsourcing to a professional printer or copy shop is the only solution. Even better send the files to us!

What if my email attachments are too big to send?

Many print ready files especially if they are graphics based can exceed 20GB in size and this is a problem for most email servers as they tend to have restrictions on the size of files that can be sent or received. It can be pretty tiresome receiving messages saying “file too big to send” especially when you have waited 10 minutes for it to leave your outbox. When you’re in work and connected to your network it doesn’t really matter how large the files are you want to print (bet your head of IT doesn’t share that view!) but when you’re not connected to that network and working from home how do you do it?

How to send large files

Driving a memory stick to work or to your local printer isn’t the best use of your time and isn’t good for the environment. The solution is to send large files is using an FTP system. Documents are uploaded from your computer via the internet and then delivered to the recipient who simply downloads them. At Entwistle group we use our own FTP site and a link to it is prominently displayed on our website under the tab UPLOAD FILES on the top right of our website. Full instructions on how to send files to us can be found here but in summary please do the following:

  1. Click on the upload file tab.
  2. .Select PRINT ENQUIRIES from the recipient drop down
  3. Add files by dragging them over or searching your directory
  4. Add your email address
  5. In the message field add a message if required.
  6. Click Send All Files.
  7. Wait for the files to be uploaded – the system will notify you when this has happened and you will also receive a confirmatory email.

We can print your files

Once you have sent your files we receive an email from our FTP site saying they are available for us to download. If you require a quotation our sales team will review your files and provide a quotation quickly. If your files need reworking and you have asked our design team to personalise or amend them then they will be sent to the designer best suited to this task. If the files are ready to print and you’re ready to go then the files will be printed and posted or delivered by courier to you.

Technology has made working from home more achievable and productive. Printing can still be a challenge but as we have demonstrated there is a solution to sending large print files. If you need anything printing why not try out our service – we know you will be impressed.






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