Entwistle Group introduces its ESG policy

24th July 2020
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For today’s credible businesses, a robust ESG policy is critical. An ESG policy covers that business’ attitude and working practices in relation to the environment, its staff, and overall governance. It includes information like:

  • Recycling procedures
  • Sustainable practices
  • Ethical treatment of staff
  • Anti-slavery policies
  • Anti-bribery policies
  • Equal opportunity policies
  • Anti corruption policies
  • ISO 14001:2015 accreditation
  • ISO 9001:2015 accreditation
  • CO2 reduction targets

For millennia, businesses were totally unregulated. They were lawless, both literally and metaphorically speaking. There was little to no concern for the impact on the environment as science had not developed to the point that cause and effect could be connected. The local environment suffered, as did local inhabitants of factories and workshops. Little attention was paid to the health and welfare of workers, either. To sum things up succinctly, there was no accountability where the owners of any business was concerned. Today, things are very different.

The importance/relevance of ESG and printing

So, as a firm of commercial printers, why is ESG relevant to the printing industry?

Many organisations, companies and businesses who use the Entwistle Group for printing services have a social and moral responsibility to their stakeholders to engage the services of a company which upholds certain values and operational practices. As an example, if a company advises its shareholders that it operates in an environmentally friendly manner, but those shareholders discovered that the company which carried out all the printing work for that company paid little heed to the environment in the way it operated, that would not just be embarrassing, but would bring into question the validity of the principal company’s genuine commitment to what it promotes, and its principles. How clients and customers would react to such a discovery could also severely damage the company.

Many printing companies claim to be environmentally friendly...... 

It is also legally misleading to claim one thing but be something different. Because the phrase “environmentally friendly” has become such an attraction in today’s consumer society, regulations have now been introduced to ensure that those who operate to accepted standards receive official recognition of the fact to enable them to confidently meet the requirements being demanded of today’s businesses.

Some sectors and industries can more easily adapt to being green but to be an environmentally friendly printing company with a strong ESG statement is an achievement which is why we at Entwistle Group are pleased that our efforts have led to positive changes.

The Entwistle Group has led the way in embracing environmentally friendly printing techniques

The Entwistle Group has been operational through continually changing times and we have always been keen to embrace regulation. Why? Primarily because regulation is beneficial either for a business as a whole, for customers in a more general sense, and for staff more specifically, especially where operating practices and health & safety are concerned. While today’s printing equipment is now remarkably safe from an operational point of view, fifty years ago it was a different story. Not only were printing presses relatively substantial in size, they were also capable of inflicting great injury to the unwary. Beyond that, there were the inks, often lead and predominantly solvent based, neither being good for operators of printing presses.

Printing has become safer over the years

Now that printing is safe and inks are water based and solvent free, much has changed, but that does not mean that regulation for the printing industry in particular, and business in general, can slacken off. On the contrary, regulation is becoming more stringent, and for very good reason. Where much of previous regulation was intended to protect the workforce in their working environment, today’s legislation is designed to protect both the consumer – our clients – and the environment.

ISO 14001: 2015-  and FSC® - accredited printers

As examples of this, Entwistle Group is now ISO 14001: 2015 accredited and also has FSC® certification. The former means that our printing operations are now environmentally friendly and respectful, while the latter, the FSC® or Forestry Stewardship Council certification ensures that the paper we use comes from sustainable/renewable sources. The beauty of today’s business world is such that socially and environmentally responsible organisations look to use the services of those businesses which can demonstrate the same level of commitment.

To find out how Entwistle Group as a printing company has achieved such strong ESG credentials, just pick up the phone, give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.   


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