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18th September 2019

There are a number of good reasons why you should follow us on social media channels, whether it is on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google My Business.

Never miss an opportunity for a special offer or innovative printing services

We rely heavily in our social media presence to let you know when we are offering special limited-time discounts or when we have expanded our already wide range of services. With the speed of advancement in technology, the world of printing machinery and its capabilities is a highly competitive one, which is good news for you. For us, it means that we are frequently upgrading and updating our printing machines, and also what we can both print and print on. As examples:

  • In May we launched our spectacular neon ink printing service
  • On July 24th we announced our Lab Day where we displayed some of the very latest print technologies and materials used. Would you believe we even had a printed deck chair there?
  • Just in time for summer, we offered a 25% discount for fete banners which saw a significant spike in their sales, letting us know how well received the offer was.

Entwistle Group helps you keep up to date with local events

Entwistle Group provides printing services from our Bradford, Warrington, and Manchester branches, which means that we are frequently involved in events in the North West, providing posters, flyers, advertising boards, display panels and many more promotional items. If you connect with us and follow us on social media, it’s a great way to find out what exhibitions and events are going on locally. These are some local events we have printed promotional material for:

  • We were thrilled to have been able to produce a large publicity board for David Lynch and HOME used for the duration of the Manchester International Festival which ran from the 4th to the 21st of July.
  • For the May bank holiday weekend we printed some amazing banners which Bands FC commissioned from us for the event.
  • Ever thought of combining a magnetic and drywipe board – we managed to create a whole wall combining these two features to enable a client to envisage 200 miles of railway track – everyone was impressed!

National printing services from the Entwistle Group

We like to use social media to remind other prospective clients throughout the UK that we are not just a local printing firm, having worked with many national and multi-national companies, such as:

  • Printing all publicity prints for the Bands FC performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
  • For Soccer Aid’s black tie dinner at Stamford Bridge we were proud to provide all our printing services on a non-profit basis, including some fabulous wow-factor invitations.

Engaging with the local community

Where we can, we look to make contributions to the local community, so following us on social media will see you get notifications of certain upcoming events you might also want to get involved with, such as:

  • For the 1st Gatley’s camp we supplied the official foamex board which had been painted with acrylic paint, or spray painted. Our boards were voted the best Gateway on Cactus Camp and also Best Overall Gateway.
  • Printing all the posters to be auctioned at the Hacienda Artwork pop-up shop on November 22nd 2018.

Entwistle Group – leading the way in innovation

We’re not shy when it comes to blowing our own trumpet when we think we have come up with something pretty cool and unusual that is likely to get a few of you creatives out there thinking. Check out three of our favourites from the past couple of years:

  • Sick of the sight of rows and rows of drab-looking filing cabinets? Check out our solution for one delighted customer – we think it’s pretty radical, but just goes to show what you can do with a bit of 10mm Stadur.
  • Want to change your décor but hate the prospect of putting up some funky wallpaper? EasyTex has come up with the perfect solution, with a bit of help from the Entwistle group who does the actual printing on the wallpaper. Too cool for cats in our opinion!
  • One of the posts on Facebook which saw a huge number of enquiries was for fluorescent ink printing, great for printed labels that glow in the dark and especially popular in nightclubs and bars for menus and bottle labels.

So, to keep up with us here at the Entwistle Group, follow us no social media and one thing you will be guaranteed, exciting notifications on a whole range of topics, not just in formation on special offers or new arrivals for printing services and printers.

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