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2nd September 2019

Whatever the event, Entwistle Group can print all your your promotional and on-site advertising needs for exhibitions and trade shows. Events are the perfect copy to ingrain your company name and corporate image/logo on the memory of attending visitors and invited guests.

With Entwistle Group, nothing gets forgotten

We are used to working with clients who need event printing services for 50 guests to over 5,000 guests and what you will need can vary considerably. From name badges and flyers to billboards and stands, advances in printing technology means there is virtually nothing we can’t produce thanks to the skills and innovative nature of our in-house design team. More importantly, we are highly experienced at printing for trade shows and exhibitions and know what works well and what you should consider including as promotional material based on our experience with clients who have ranged from individuals to multi-national conglomerates.

What to consider having printed for your event 

Printing for events and trade shows has come a long way since the days of the ‘fab four’ – badges, pens, leaflets and name badges. The options available to you are so great that we have had to divide them up into eight separate sections:

  • Banner stands – an extensive range of reusable tension banners, roller and cassette banners, motorized rotating banners and outdoor banners.
  • Pop-up stands - easy to assemble stands and displays for repeated use.
  • Agendas – this is a golden opportunity to shine as a business that thinks of everything and pays close attention to the finest detail. Instead of using an agenda to simply create a standard timetable of events, use it to include additional information such as hotel details, flight times and contact numbers, meeting times and emergency contact information, making it an essential go-to document for attendees. 
  • Follow Me paddles – in any shape or colour, ideal for airports, stadia and any location where there are busy crowds. 
  • Display boards – where do we start? In many eye-catching designs, display boards are your event ‘shop window’ and perhaps the most critical element of any event
  • Delegate packs – including agendas, name badges, speaker biographies, translated texts, earpieces and promotional items, a delegate pack is a great way to make individual guests feel personally welcome.
  • Exhibition stands – any size and complexity, recyclable and reusable. We offer invaluable advice to make them work for your requirements and to include often overlooked features like storage space. 
  • Name badges - (ofcourse!)

Have any questions about printing for exhibitions or trade shows? 

Something we really enjoy here at the Entwistle Group is talking to our customers, batting forth different ideas and suggesting possibilities and options that you might not have previously considered. We also enjoy helping those of you who are hosting your first big event and are finding it a little overwhelming trying to work out what you will need and of equal importance, what you won’t need.

It costs nothing to talk to us and after your first call you’ll soon discover that you won’t be dealing with a high-pressure sales team but instead will be dealing with someone who genuinely wants to help you make your event as successful as possible. Why not give us a call and find out what we mean? 


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