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2nd August 2019

Sometimes the important of a delegate pack or conference pack can be overlooked when it is perceived only as something that ‘has to be provided’ at a conference or sales exhibition. However, beyond the basics of providing useful information, delegate packs can provide additional, subliminal messages which can convey a powerful message without having to put it down on paper.

Delegate Packs - Delivery of standard information

Without doubt delivery of information and provision of promotional items is the reason the delegate pack was developed. However, careful thought needs to be given to what is included and that will depend entirely on the specific nature of the event and any additional purpose for the information pack. The contents will also vary depending on the size of the event and whether you have a multinational target audience. Certainly, there can be a ‘play it safe’ attitude to what you include, but that can often mean too much is included and the delegate pack loses some of its power and influence. The question to ask beyond “What should I include” is “Will the delegate pack be less impressive/effective without a specific item?” Below is a list of ‘standard items for inclusion:

  • Welcome packs
  • Simple name badges
  • Generic agendas
  • Note pads
  • Pens
  • Map showing location of the event
  • Programme
  • List of events and which delegates are attending
  • Biographies of speakers
  • Speakers' slides or notes
  • Contact information
  • Evaluation form
  • Emergency procedures
  • Place setting tent cards
  • Branded bags
  • Seating plans
  • Indoor and outdoor signage

Delegate packs – the subliminal message

The way you present your delegate packs, the way they look and feel, as well as the quality of the items inside will go a long way to telling those delegates what your attitude to business is or how much they value your presence at the event. From the quality of the pen and any emblazoned logo on it, the notepad, the folder – everything has its own message to deliver. But what if you wanted to get a message across to all delegates while specifically targeting minority elements?

Today we live and work in an all-inclusive world where those who would previously have been left feeling neglected will now be placed on a totally equal footing as all other delegates, which is how it should be. Here we are talking about those whose first language isn’t English, and those who are either visually or audibly impaired. It is so easy to remember to make sure your venue is easily accessible to those who may be physically handicapped, but what are you doing for those who struggle to see or hear.

When promoting your exhibition or conference, make it clear when delegates register that they can request additional content for their delegate pack. As examples, have you considered large print or text in braille for those with sight impairments? Have you considered earpieces digitally connected to a speaker’s microphone for those who are hard of hearing? Then there are foreign delegates. If you want to ensure you get your message over without any understanding, have you considered printing the content of the delegate pack in a variety of requested language options?

Then, of course, there’s signage, an element of any event that is often overlooked. Professionally printed signage sends out a totally different message to hand-written signs written on flimsy sheets of A4 paper.

Entwistle Group’s conference pack service – going that bit further

Planning is the first step to creating any successful delegate pack, and we work very closely with our clients to ensure that every requirement is met in advance of commencing any printing. One useful addition to delegates’ packs has been an evaluation form which can provide exceptionally valuable information. However, modern technology allows us to go a few steps further and can enable you to gather information you might not have previously been able to obtain.

With the use of delegates’ badges that can be scanned, you can easily record who has turned up and who hasn’t. You can then see which parts of the event they have attended and, of perhaps greater importance, which parts they failed to attend. Maybe a number of guests left after only attending the morning’s proceedings, but didn’t turn up in the afternoon. If part of your exhibition or conference involves a guided tour of facilities, or even collecting and returning delegates from their hotel, being able to scan their badges will ensure that nobody gets accidentally left behind!

Entwistle Group can provide banner stands, exhibition stands and display boards as well

To guarantee your event has maximum impact on all attending delegates, the use of banner stands, exhibition stands and display boards can go a long way to enhancing your presence and influencing delegates. With virtually everyone having a smartphone these days, you’d be surprised just how many people use them to take photos of display boards so they can refer back to valuable information when they are back in their office.

Whether you are new to the creation of a delegate pack or have used many in the past, get in contact with us here at the Entwistle Group and let’s see what our designers can come up with for you as a complete delegate package and with event signage.

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