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4th March 2017

Latex printing with the new Hewlett Packard HP Latex 570 – the perfect printer for when time is money, ROI is critical, and speed is essential  

For virtually any product, somewhere on the internet you will find an article promoting it, one which begins “The top 10 benefits of….”. Where latex printing is concerned, and particularly the new Hewlett Packard HP Latex 570 latex printer, if you limited yourself to just ten advantages, your biggest problem would be deciding which to leave off what is an extremely long list. The next problem would be knowing where to begin.

What businesses would benefit from investing in a latex printer?

We use the word ‘investing’ advisedly as ROI (return on investment) is critical to all businesses, and the ROI for a latex printer such as the HP Latex 570 is both high and rapid. With sales of this printing machine so strong, it has become very clear which type of business and which applications are benefitting from this new printing technology, a few of which we have listed below:

  • Textile printers
  • Interior designers - curtains, blinds, etc.
  • Commercial sign and automotive graphics specialists
  • Poster and advertisement printers
  • Wallpaper manufacturers
  • Photo printing services
  • Commercial printer retailers (obviously!)

How customers can benefit from latex printing

A latex printer, such as the HP Latex 570, is only of benefit to a company if the end product is of greater benefit to its customers than products produced by previously used printing methods. The consensus is very clear as to where latex printing scores heavily where the customer is concerned:

  • Crisper, sharper and more vivid image reproduction
  • Appreciably swifter delivery of printed products
  • Improved tactility – particularly on fabrics, latex ink has a far better feel to it
  • Environmentally friendly – more businesses than ever are conscious of their ‘eco image’
  • Ideal for internal and external applications – three-year lifespan for external printing
  • Scratch-resistant finish makes it ideal for notices and posters
  • Water and chemical resistance on printed surfaces
  • Fade-resistant ink
  • Safe for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals, food preparation areas, nurseries, etc. 

How else does a latex printer benefit a business?

Latex printing has not only improved the quality of printing, it has also expanded services and products that many print-oriented businesses can offer. Improved durability and adaptability are now watchwords for latex printing, especially when you consider where it can ideally be incorporated:

  • Vinyls
  • Banners
  • Wallpapers
  • Textiles
  • Cast vinyls for vehicle wraps
  • Floor, wall and window graphics
  • Meshes
  • Light boxes and backlights

The above only covers the commercial benefits. However, there are numerous benefits to being able to work with aqueous dispersed polymer inks which contain no HAPs, and which produce next-to-no odour thanks to very low levels of VOCs. We have identified the most important practical benefits of latex inks as follows:

  • No need for specific and enclosed, well-ventilated spaces used only for printing.
  • Instant curing means greater speed of delivery and happier customers – delivery times can be reduced by up to three days.
  • Reduced fire risks and exposure to toxic fumes.
  • Customers can inspect their products the moment they are printed as no degassing is required.

So, having made the benefits of latex printing clear, next comes the practical and operational benefits of a printer, such as the HP570, when used in conjunction with a Summa cutter. One of the easiest ways to discover what is so good about this combination would be to attend one of the Open Days which are being held by us here at our Entwistle, Middleton, premises. We’re confident that even with all that we have to say that is good about this printer, you will still be further impressed when you see it in action with the Summa cutter.

For those who will be operating the HP Latex 570, the following are major benefits and selling features of this printer:

  • The printer has an embedded i1 spectrophotometer which guarantees exact print reproduction from the start, so saving on time and wasted resources doing ‘test’ copies.
  • With 3-litre ink cartridges and a 100m paper roll, the HP Latex 570 has been designed for unattended printing, thus enabling you to optimize your time in other areas.
  • The HP Latex 570 comes with a mobile app for Android and iOS, allowing you to control the printer remotely.
  • Print media can be changed and loaded efficiently thanks to a new spindleless system.
  • Predominantly water-based latex inks allow for simpler and more efficient maintenance and upkeep, which means less down time and reduced running costs.
  • Competitive market entry pricing will see ink and peripherals reduced in cost as uptake increases.
  • Equipped with an OMAS (Optical Media Advance Sensor), you get precise motion control of the media between print swaths.
  • Capability of double-sided printing which can include automated registration marks.
  • A simple user-friendly 8” touchscreen front panel makes custom substrate profiling effortless, while it also comes with a preinstalled generic HP substrate online library. Just identify the media you are using, apply the profile, and all subsequent printing on that media will have no colour gamut changes.

So, you now have several options, all of which could ultimately be beneficial to your business. Because we are also printers, we can help you introduce the quality of latex printing to your clients, and to you, by carrying out some print runs on your behalf. That way, when you invest in an HP Latex 570, you already know it works for you and your clients. 

Alternatively, you could give us a call to discuss the HP Latex 570 further with us, or even better, come and see it in action during one of our Open Days. 

 We will publishing a review on our 570 latex printer soon. Thank you for reading our news story

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