Magnetic Walls

Not just essential for the rail sector, Magnetic Walls can help any business. So what’s so good about Magnetic Walls? Well just about everything.

A wall can become a vital part of the office

You can paint an office wall or even wall paper it but apart from maybe a clock or some mandatory documents it can be a lot of dead space that could be working for you.

Excellent at displaying track sections

Magnetic Walls aren’t just magnetic and they’re certainly not blank, you can have whatever you want on them. They work in a similar way to our Drywipe Walls where the panels are printed with information, like track sections which remain permanent then you can write and draw on top of these and remove or amend as and when needed. The advantage the Magnetic Wall has it you can also stick other things to it. This may be simply sticking a reference document or photos near a specific point but it can also be custom made icons to highlight work crews, types or equipment, temporary fixtures you name it we can make it.

A permanent display for easy access

Having all these tools and a large wall of information turns what was dead space into a command centre. No more opening drawings, locating PDF’s and scrolling section by section simply walk along the wall to the area of focus and create an instant overview of your resources. 

Suitable for portacabins 

Magnetic Panels can be made out of a range of materials, some more flexible than others. With Rail we find many installations are in portacabins where the walls can flex. Choosing a metal ferrous panel as the base in this instance will give you a rigid flat surface to work with.

Manufactured to your exact requirements - any shape is possible

Our panels needn’t be rectangles either, we’ve worked on several projects where the Magnetic Panels need to fit around wall mounted screens, radiators and windows, in this scenario we’d recommend a PVC back board with a flexible ferrous sheet fixed it to enable complex cutting and shaping. We would carry out a site survey to get the necessary dimensions and also assess the structure it will be fitted to as this could dictate the materials we use to make the custom Magnetic. The intricate cuts and shapes are made using our CNC machines and we’d determine the best material for the finish, fitting and longevity. Additionally Magnetic panels don’t need to be small individual panels we can fill the whole wall, the whole room.

Manufactured off site for speedy fitting

For standard sizes we manufacture offsite and then assemble quickly on site causing minimal disturbance to your staff and keeping installation time to a minimum. Some installations need to be customised to accommodate architectural features, electrical trunking, plugs and doors etc and certain sections will need to be cut on site. These installations take longer to do and can cause some disruption but we work with staff to keep this as unobtrusive as possible.

Once you’ve tried them you’ll wonder how you worked without them.

If you have any questions about magnetic walls or have any other print requirements please call sales on 0161 653 9310.

We have branches in Bradford, Manchester, Middleton and Warrington.

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