Long Printed Track sections

Printing and finishing of long track sections

You only have to go back a few years and you will have been struggling to print anything longer than 6.5m in length but thankfully the technology and communication language has changed and enabled sections to be printed as long as the roll of material you have loaded.

Ideal for signalling and electrification

Great for signalling or electrification you can literally work your way down the track from point to point. Having a large roll of track section rolled out can be difficult to handle or store so we would suggest folding of long track sections down to manageable lengths like 420mm so you can make use of standard A3 folders, files and shelving systems.

Fold lengths up to 10m plus

There are many folders out there but only a few that are capable of handling long track sections. Initially it was only ever thought folders would be used for A2, A1 or A0 drawings but it was realised there was a need to be able to feed 10m plus, even longer and concertina that down in to neatly machine creased and folded documents that are easy to handle and navigate.

We supply and folders for too

We not only use such folders in our print facilities but also supply and service them. They can be more cost effective than you think and much faster (and cheaper) than folding by hand.

There are a wide range of print machines available that can print long track drawings which have a range of inks to suit many differing applications. If you want to able to take these drawings to site and reference them in all weathers there’s a machine, ink and material combination we can recommend or supply that will enable you to do this. If it’s for archival or legal purposes we have one for that too.

Fine detail isn’t a problem either as these machines and their software can not only handle the length of the drawings required but also print at scale in amazing fine detail.

Print on extra wide rolls

You may also find due to the scale you require that you need to print on rolls wider than 841mm or 914mm, again no problem we have machines that can print 1524mm wide by the length of the roll but you’re on your own when it comes to folding that one!

You may be happy sellotaping A3/A2 sections or drawings together to achieve this but if this is something you do or need on a regular basis give us a call and we can talk you through the option of providing the service or the equipment to be able to do it yourself. 

We have branches in Bradford, Manchester, Middleton and Warrington.

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