Tear proof & Water Proof Materials

Tearproof and waterproof materials for the rail sector

For engineers working trackside or in conditions requiring durable prints we can supply a range of sizes of tearproof and waterproof media that can be printed on. We offer a matt coated water resistant poster paper roll and a range of waterproof and tear proof films in rolls and sheets.

Matt coated water resistant paper rolls

Our 140 gsm matt coated water-resistant poster paper is ideal for timetables, signage, track and engineering section drawings that will be exposed to the elements. It may surprise you that this paper is “vegan friendly, plastic free and has 5% recycled content. It can be referred to as Power Paper.  It is available in the following sizes:

  • 610mm x 30m
  • 914mm x 30m
  • 914mm x 60m
  • 1067mm x 30m

Water poof and tear proof film - available in rolls and sheets

Our films are similar to paper but gain their durability from being manufactured using polypropylene or polyester. This makes them water proof, grease proof and tear proof when used in conjunction with toner based or pigmented ink. They are ideal for technical drawings being used by engineers in the field but are equally good for posters and displays.

We offer a range of Kernow films:

  • 160 gsm matt white anti-marking film rolls - 914mm x 50m
  • 160 gsm matt white film - A4, A3 and SR
  • 125 gsm double sided light frost film – A4, A3 and SR

Paper that performs in all conditions

Tearproof paper rolls are inherently more stable than standard inkjet and plain paper rolls. This is vital when printing long track sections as the paper isn’t susceptible to expansion or contraction and ensures accurate prints every time.

Quality is unaffected

Quality isn’t impacted at all and all our papers are capable of producing stunning vibrant colour prints as well as line accurate mono prints. An exceptionally smooth finish makes them ideal for toner printers as the toner bonds perfectly every time.

Lamination is redundant

Being both waterproof and tearproof, there is no need to laminate smaller print sizes, saving both time and money.

Entwistle are one of the largest suppliers of water and tear proof paper to the rail sector in the UK.  Our customer base is exceptionally diverse and includes most of the leading rail providers. Many of these companies have multiple offices and depots throughout the country. We offer accounts to most companies but also understand that some customers require greater flexibility with multi-site operations and prefer each location to have their own account.

Streamlined online ordering

Many of our rail sector customers take advantage of our intuitive online ordering system. Our sales team will identify the products you buy regularly and build an simple to use website that lists just those products at the agreed discounted prices. This streamlines ordering, avoids extensive navigation associated with conventional online ordering websites and ensures the correct products are ordered as we list only those materials that meet the customer’s requirements or are compatible with their equipment.


  • White Hydrocopy Film 3” Core 
  • KEF120WT841100                                  841mm x 100m 100mic F120HWT
  • EF120WT594100                                    594mm x 100m 100mic F120HWT
  • KEF120WT420100                                  420mm x 100m 100mic F120HWT
  • KEF120WT297100                                  297mm x 100m 100mic F120HWT
  • KESF120HWTA3                                     A3 Cut Sheets F120HWT

Translucent Double Matt Film 3” Core 

  • KEF095HLF8411                                     841mm x 100m D.Matt 75mic
  • KEF095HLF594100                                 594mm x 100m D.Matt 75mic
  • KEF095HLF420100                                 420mm x 100m D.Matt 75mic
  • KEF095HLF297100                                 297mm x 100m D.Matt 75mic

Water Resistant Paper 2” Core for Hp plotter 

  • CRIJ83591430                                          914mm x 30m 140gsm Inkjet Paper
  • CRIJ83561030                                          610mm x 30m 140gsm Inkjet Paper

Water Resistant Film 2” Core for Hp plotter 

  • HPCHO22A                                               610mm x 30m White Film
  • HPCH023A                                                914mm x 30m White Film



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