The 5 Best Reasons to Buy an HP Z9 Printer - review

9th February 2019

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The name Hewlett Packard is synonymous with best-in-class quality printers, and the best just got better. Not only are there five great reasons why you should buy this printer, but each of these reasons are also huge improvements on the already impressive Z3200.

Photographic image quality - the HP Z9 printer produces exceptionally high res prints

The introduction of the new HP 746 Printhead  series now sees a printhead which deploys two rows of print nozzles. With each nozzle capable of printing at 1200 dpi, this now means you can have photo-realistic prints at an exceptional 2400 dpi, double the previous resolution. Even we were impressed by this improvement on quality, despite previous HP printer quality already leading the field. This increased quality is also the result of more consistent ink drop size delivered by the print nozzle plates, and additional heat resistors placed at the printhead edges.

Speed - the ante’ has been upped

Compared to the HP Z3200 printer, the speed of the HP Z9 printer has increased dramatically, thus speeding up print runs – perfect for those ‘rush jobs’. The HP Z9 printer now offers a 70% increase in Best Glossy and 100% increase in Normal Glossy speeds.

Print speed for 44” print rolls:

  • 71.4m²/hr1 (769ft²/hr1) on plain media
  • Normal:17.2m²/hr1(185ft²/hr1) on coated media
  • Best:4.5m²/hr1(48ft²/hr1) on glossy media

Security - your printer is nolonger a weak link

‘Connected’ printers are one area where IT security is often missed, yet as a connected device, your printer is an integral part of your computer network and therefore deserves the same security measures.

According to HP , in 2017, printers allowed more than 5,200 security breaches resulting in the exposure of 7.9 billion records. 64% of IT managers have admitted that their connected printers are likely infected with malware. 43% of companies actually ignore printers in their endpoint security practices.

HP has recognised this problem and in addition to including a significantly improved processor with additional memory, so it has beefed up the security of the HP Z9 with HP Secure Boot, whitelisting, and a self- encrypted hard disk. Authentication solutions like PIN printing and integrated pull printing also help preserve confidentiality, while HP JetAdvantage Security Manager simplifies security management across your whole printing environment.

V-trimmer - huge productivity gains

While HP has looked to increase printing speeds to help you increase productivity, with the Z9 printer they have gone one step further and included an integrated vertical trimmer facilitating fast and convenient trimming which will increase machine and staff productivity by 20%.  Another major plus of the built in trimmer is that it also saves space and eliminates costly trimming errors. Whether you have decided to bring your printing ‘in house’ or want an HP Z9 printer for your commercial printing premises, space is always going to be an issue. Combining a highly accurate trimmer within the HP Z9 has an appropriately small footplate to tackle this problem head-on.

Running cost savings - Dual Drop weight technology reduces the number and cost of ink cartridges

Thanks to innovative Dual Drop technology, the HP Z9 has reduced the number of ink cartridges required from 12 down to 9, partly though eliminating the need for both light magenta and light cyan inks. Dual Drop weight technology enables the printer to produce ink drops as small as 3pl (3/trillionths of a litre!). By varying the ink drop size larger drops can be used to fill larger areas of colour whilst achieving better overlapping, eliminating gaps and generating faster print speeds. Small ink drops are used for light areas to reduce grain visibility and to negate the need for light colored inks. When combined (large and small drops) better colour transitions are achieved.

Of course, these are just the top five reasons to buy an HP Z9 printer, but great features don’t stop there.

The HP Z9 is a dual roll printer

Dual roll printers have taken a lot of the hassle, and time, necessary for when you want to print on more than one type of media, or you have a substantial print run. You have the option of loading two rolls of different media, or two rolls of the same, and let the printer do all the work, either by automatically switching between different media types when needed, or automatically switching to a second roll when the first runs out.

The HP Z9 comes with its own built-in spectrophotometer

Having total and highly accurate control over all colour measurements, the HP Z9 has its own built-in spectrophotometer which helps to eliminate the need to redo work, while cutting down on wasted paper and inks. Consistent control of colour also means you will save yourself so much time and money and your creative output will look outstanding, whatever medium you use.

Want to know more about the HP Z9 printer and its capabilities? We have all the answers you will need, so just give us a call or drop us an email at the Entwistle Group and we’ll be glad to help.


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