Entwistle Group obtain ISO 9001:2015

26th October 2018

The Entwistle Group, has obtained two of the most important ISO accreditations for bone fide businesses today, the gold standard ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management. For us, this is a major milestone and affirmation that, as we had anticipated, our group of companies has very robust and effective management systems in place. 

A great achievement for a printing business

What has been of equal importance to us and very much in keeping with our moral and ethical approach to the environmental impact of our business, the Entwistle Group is delighted to have been awarded ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for Environmental Management. By the very nature of the printing business, this has been a challenge and one we have never wavered from. In fact, we have taken our commitment to protection of the environment to the point where we subscribe to using paper which comes from responsibly managed and sustainable sources and which carries FSC® Certification (Forestry Steward Council®) "tree tick" logo. This assures our clients that any paper used at the Entwistle group does not contribute to the deforestation problem the world is currently trying to eradicate.

Reducing waste 

ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for Environmental Management also requires that waste be reduced to an absolute minimum. While this makes sense from an environmental point of view, it makes equally good sense from a business and operations standpoint. Being as efficient as possible when it comes to the use of materials enables us to reduce costs, which is of particular benefit to our clients beyond the exceptional quality of our work.

What ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management accreditation means for us

For us, this accreditation is also confirmation that while the Group’s business has expanded considerably over recent years, quality has not suffered (the bane of any growing business) and has, instead, continued to improve. This does not come about through simply implementing a system of quality control, but from a ground-up management approach. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management investigates the whole business environment, ensuring that every member of staff can work in an environment conducive to performing to their full capabilities. 

We have expanded our business whilst improving standards

Quality management also includes virtually every aspect of our operation, not just how we physically operate our printing processes, but how we operate from the moment we first have contact with you, the customer. It investigates our communication systems not only with clients, but also internally. It assesses what we have implemented as a constant improvement policy and what we have put in place for dealing with any shortcomings or, heaven forbid, any dissatisfied customers.

One element of the accreditation we have warmed to is the responsibility to remain at the leading edge of the printing industry. 

An independent seal of approval 

From an outsider’s perspective, ISO accreditation may seem punitive and highly critical of an organisation, almost like a school report. From the other side of the fence, we see ISO accreditation as more of a gold star for outstanding work. It is not every company, by any means, which can obtain ISO accreditation. It is not a gimmick or a ‘membership’. It is an independent seal of approval that confirms that the way in which an accredited company does business is of an extremely efficient, effective and professional standard.

Here at the Entwistle Group there are two other reasons why having ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is so important. First, because we deal with printing projects that range from small print runs to the preparation of complex tender documents for multi-million-pound projects at the upper end of the range, these clients cannot afford to take risks where failure to deliver could cost their company many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Accreditation is an instant check for our Group’s capabilities. Second, because so much attention is paid to efficiency for ISO accreditation, it ensures that our running costs are streamlined (without cutting corners) and thus we are able to remain highly competitive when it comes to pricing. 

What ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Accreditation means for you

It is the gold standard accreditation that gives customers the reassurance that they are dealing with a highly professional and reputable company that has had a rigorous assessment by an independent third party body. 

You have total reassurance you will be dealt with by highly skilled and competent professionals. You can be reassured that communication throughout any project will be given a priority. Most important of all, you can feel totally confident that not only will your project be completed on time and on budget, but that the quality will also be exceptional. 

If you are cynical about titles why not simply try us out. The proof will be in the service you receive. We have operations in Manchester, Middleton, Warrington and Bradford and offer nationwide coverage. To get in touch please call or email us. 


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