HP DesignJet XL 3600 36-in MFP

Product Details

The HP DesignJet XL 3600 36-in MFP Series is a multi functional printer combining a quality scanner and fast print output. It is aimed at companies in architectural, engineering and construction sectors and small print shops.

New Features

It replaces the T3500 and represents a significant improvement. The printer has been engineered ground up with an emphasis on build quality. A new 21 inch touch screen has been incorporated to enhance usability. Media handling has advanced with two 1 roll draws. With dual rolls the printer can automatically switch between different paper types and papers with varying widths.

Security improvements

Cyber attackers are often targeting networked printers as being the weakest link on the network. The HP DesignJet XL 3600 36-in addresses this by identifying the key areas most vulnerable to attack. HP’s Secure Boot technology protects the BIOS from malware and hacking. Multi-layer user authentication prevents  keys features of the printer’s system from being accessed. Even documents can be pin protected requiring operators to provide verification before the printing of sensitive documents can proceed.

Outstanding usability

A big step forward has been achieved in terms of usability when printing document files. Selecting the right file and choosing which pages from the document to print has become much simpler and flexible. Each print submission tool works seamlessly and each has their own unique benefits. Choose from HP Click, HP Smart Stream, Windows/Mac Print Driver or network connected folder.

With HP Click you have an intuitive visual tool that helps less experienced users who maybe unfamiliar with print drivers to print documents correctly first time, every time. HP Smart Stream is a full featured, professional job preparation and processing software which saves significant time for users printing PDF files where they need to select specific page sizes suited to the printer. Additional features of HP Smart Stream include HP Crystal View soft colour proofing allowing you to preview colour exactly as it will be printed and PDF Preflight Manager that highlights potential problems such as missing fonts and page clipping before you print thereby saving valuable time and cost.

The traditional Windows Print Driver allows documents to be printed from any application, for example Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word on your Windows/Mac computer. For the first time on a HP DesignJet you can now select compatible files from shared folders on your network using the printer’s touch screen and send to print without having to make the trip back to your desk. The combined effect of this new level of usability brings considerable time savings and increases in productivity as well as enabling users of all confidence levels to engage with your printer in a way that suits them.

Print Performance

The HP DesignJet XL 3600 36-in has been designed to respond quickly to calls to action. The printer will produce its first print in just 29 seconds. Wake up time is less than 10 seconds and there is no warm up time. The printer contains 6 print cartridges (cyan, grey, magenta, matte black, photo black and yellow) and produces high quality detailed prints.

Key info

  • 180 A1 prints p/h
  • Line accuracy +/- .1%
  • Dye based inks (C, G, M, pK, Y); pigment based (mK)
  • 2 media rolls
  • Roll diameter 7 in
  • Works with a range of media

Scanning performance

The HP DesignJet XL 3600 36-in has an integrated high quality scanner. Scanning speed is a rapid 3in/sec dpi in colour at 200dpi and for greyscale at 200dpi 10in/sec. A range of scanning options are available - scan to USB , scan to network folders, scan to email, scan to hard disk. Software enhancements complement the hardware and include many helpful functions.  Post editing features enhance the appearance of scans by automatically removing background colour. Blue prints can be scanned to produce greatly improved images by converting greyscale and inverting colours to produce white backgrounds with black lines.

  • Scanner up to 600 dpi
  • Scan speed up to 3 in/sec colour 200dpi
  • Scan speed up to 10 in/sec greyscale 200dpi
  • Copy up to 6 in/sec colour 200 dpi
  • Copy up to 10 in/sec greyscale 200 dpi


With an ultra quick start time and no warm up required, productivity has been improved significantly. As the printer incorporates two rolls the machine can be left for longer periods of unattended printing. The inclusion of HP Click software enables ultra fast batch PDF printing and automated scanning whilst customisable presets allow operators to initiate work flow far quicker. The 21in touch screen also allows easier access to the machine’s operating commands. Automatic media loading and print stacking also aid speed and reduce operator input. Media loading is quick as the drawers are spindless.

A welcome addition to any office

Footprint is remarkably small, it operates at very quiet levels allowing people to work along side. Power consumption is very low and uses as much as 90% less power compared to rival printers.

Why buy your HP XL 3600 36-in MFP from Entwistle?

We understand printers because we have our own extensive print operation. We know whether theoretical advantages translate into real world gains and just as importantly we offer insider tips on how to extract the best performance from your printer. If you want the best advice in the industry or would like some more informtion on HP's DesignJet XL 3600 36-in MFP please contact sales on 0161 653 9310. 


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