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HP's most capable print and cut solution

The HP latex 335 print and cut system maximises the performance of the HP Latex 335 64” printer by allowing it to print and cut at the same time when working in conjunction with a Summa Cut D Series system.

Why buy a combined latex printer and cutter system?

Unlike solvent printers. Latex machines do not require any time for printed output to degas, as prints emerge dry from the machine. As the media can be handled immediately cutting can be undertaken straight away. This increases productivity by 50% compared to Solvent “All in One” print or cut systems.

How do the printer and cutter work in tandem?

The HP latex 335 printer attaches a unique barcode to each print that requires cutting. The print can then be fed into the Summa D Series cutter and the cut job is initiated from the cutter’s front panel without the need to interact with the RIP. The barcode is read and the correct cut contours are automatically fetched from the RIP and the cuts made.

Performance compared to the 315

HP’s 335 latex print and cut solution offers a slight increase in performance compared to the 315 print and cut solution printer owing to its extra width. Ink tanks are the same 775ml size the print heads are identical resulting in the same high quality output.

  • 50 m²/hr - Billboard (2 pass)
  • 23 m²/hr - Outdoor High Speed (4 pass)
  • 17 m²/hr – Outdoor Plus (6 pass)
  • 13 m²/hr - Indoor Quality (8 pass)
  • 10 m²/hr - Indoor High Quality (10 pass)
  • 6 m²/hr - Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16 pass)
  • 5 m²/hr - High Saturation Textiles (20 pass)

Is the 335 print and cut system dependable?

HP and Summa have put considerable effort into harmonising the system so that the Latex 115 works seamlessly with Summa’s D series cutter, so much so that you can print and cut in just 5 simple steps. 

A remarkably compact combination

When the 335 printer and Summa cutter are placed back to back they have an exceptionally small footprint and are suited to work in premises where space is at a premium. They require only a fraction more space that a comparable solvent machine and as the printer, RIP and cutter are all connected via your Local Area Network, the devices need not be in the same location, further adding to the systems flexibility.

Provides print for a range of market sectors

The HP 335 Latex Print and Cut system has been designed for copy shops, sign makers, vehicle wrappers and everybody else that requires high quality print on a huge variety of indoor and outdoor media but who also want to take on new applications such as custom wall decals, stickers, vinyl lettering, custom magnetic signage, window signage…

What other benefits are included in the Print and Cut system?

  • The package includes SAI Flexiprint and Cut RIP
  • Cut contours can be created within the RIP software without having to use an external application such as Adobe Illustrator.
  • Integrates with HP Signage Suite, a cloud-based software solution with web-based apps for easy signage creation. The suite is designed for integration into PSPs’ web-to-print operations, making it possible to receive orders 24/7.

Why buy from Entwistle Group?

As an HP Latex authorised dealer we offer a complete service to our customers. Our engineers are HP trained and will install, network and commission the system. We also offer the best advice in the industry as we use latex machines in our print division. We listen to our customers’ needs and recommend the best solution for them. But perhaps the most compelling reason for buying from us is that we can train you to get the best performance out your latex printer – we have so many customers who have benefitted from our advice.

For those customers wanting the reassurance that a service contract brings we have a number of plans available.

Finance options

We offer a range of flexible finance options and our sales team would be happy to discuss these with you.

If you would like to discuss the HP print and cut system or have a demonstration on our HP latex 570 printer please call sales on 0161 653 9310 or email equipment@entwistlegroup.com




  • Window signage
  • Sign making
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Stickers
  • Wall decals
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Custom magnetic signage
  • Expert Sales Advice (Call 0161 653 9310)
  • Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Ink And Media 
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Old printers recycled
  • Delivery packaging re-used or recycled
  • Forest Stewardship Council® and recycled paper options
  • Energy efficient premises including solar panels
  • UKAS ISO 14001 Certified
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