HP DesignJet Z6200 42inch Printer
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The Z series is an all star line up

The HP Z6200 42" printer might be the junior member of HP's highly rated Z series range but it is no less accomplished in its own right. It is a highly dependable printer producing high quality output at speeds considerably in advance of its price point.

What makes the HP Z6200 photo printer so productive?

First speed. Using HP’s Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) it can produce prints at speeds up to (113 m²/hr) in Fast mode and 177 ft²/hr (16.4 m²/hr) in Normal mode.

Second usability. With HP’s Vivid Photo Inks there is no waiting around for output to dry, print can be handled immediately.

Third servicing. Performance and ink usage is optimized by automatic service routines helping prevent nozzle clogging and media waste.

Fourth unattended printing. With large capacity rolls and take up roll the machine can be left to print unattended increasing the amount of output over a given period of time.

How does it deliver on print quality?

With an 8 cartridge system including chromatic red ink it produces vibrant print. With optimized DPI up to 2400 x 1200 for both colour and black and white detail is surgically sharp. Consistency is achieved by incorporating an embedded spectrophotometer. Further using three shades of black ink black and white print is highly impressive.

Finally prints can last up to 200 years providing they are indoor and not in direct sun light.

Why buy from Entwistle?

We have been in business for over 100 years and value our independence which is why we are not  affiliated with a single manufacturer, Entwistle are in the ideal position to find the perfect wide format machine that is tailored to your exact specifications, not only for your immediate printing needs but also for your future requirements.

We have our own print facilities so we learn the performance and idiosyncrasies of machines over time. Our advice is second to none.

We offer a range of finance options and service agreements for the HP Z6200 printer. Our technicians are HP trained and we can install your printer if required.

RRP £8,100 + VAT. Contact sales for Entwistle price


  • Posters
  • Roll up banners
  • Photos
  • Digital fine arts
  • Pop Ups 

Key Benefits

  • Workhorse printer delivers fast turnaround times
  • Exceptional image quality that increases your offering
  • HP reliability and robust operation




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  • Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Ink And Media 
  • Nationwide Delivery
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