60" (1524mm X 30m) 190GSM Satin Photo Paper Roll

190 GSM 60" 1524mm X 30m Satin Photo Paper Roll - 1 roll per pack

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A 190gram high-white instant-dry satin paper with a specific high-quality ink receiver layer and double-sided polyethylene coating that help to create excellent photo-realistic prints. This paper is suitable for digital photographic prints and proofing applications.

Manufacturer: SIHL

Range: Rocket Photo Paper PE Satin.

Why our 190gsm 60” GSM Satin Photo Paper Rolls provide consistent high quality results

Paper technology has advanced considerably in recent years. To achieve outstanding performance there needs to be a precise interaction between ink and the paper. Our 190 gram 60” satin paper employs a unique ink receiver layer which ensures ink hitting the surface is accurate and stays where it is supposed to be. This is vital if one wishes to print photo quality images, fine details and smooth half tones. Traditional toner based printers use paper that typically have a very flat surface (giving a flat image) unlike high quality instant dry satin papers where the surface is made up of tens of thousands of tiny pyramids. Problems such as metamerism or bronzing occur when a lower performance paper is unable to withstand heavy ink saturation when the droplets of ink bleed into one another. This results in colours appearing to shift under different lighting conditions or small colour variations being lost completely.

Equally good for dye based or pigmented inks

Our 190 gram 60” 1524 x 30m satin photo paper produces excellent results with dye based or pigmented inks. For customers requiring their photo quality prints to be fade resistant we would always suggest using pigmented (see our HP Z range of machines) where there is no compromise on quality but all the benefits of an ink designed to look vibrant years into the future.  Dynamic colour accuracy and tonal quality and will be exceptionally strong making our satin photo rolls ideal for proofing.

Paper Testing in actual production conditions

There are no shortcuts to producing stunning print – one needs the best hardware, ink and paper – and a lot of expertise. At Entwistle Group we invest heavily in printer hardware and have 13 inkJet wide format printers across our 4 operations in the North West.  We have tested a number of different 190 gsm 60” satin photo papers and have found SIHL's Rocket Photo paper  to be outstanding.

Entwistle Group relies on the quality of its print to satisfy its print customers so naturally we use best photo paper rolls in the market place. Very few of our competitors actually print or even test the paper they sell.

Customer Accounts have a number of benefits

Customer accounts are available subject to credit checks. There are a number of advantages to setting up an account including 30 day settlement, free delivery for local customers and a dedicated ordering website which lists just the products you order regularly ensuring ordering couldn’t be simpler.

The evolution of inkJet photo prints and paper

You are probably aware that the world of printing has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the arrival of digital technology. The biggest change has been the speed at which large print runs can be delivered. The second change has been the reduction in unit cost for small print runs. However, there has always been one major challenge for those of us in the commercial printing industry, and that is the reproduction of photo-realistic images using digital technology combined with inkjet printing techniques.

While printer manufacturers have managed to produce printer heads that can accurately apply thousands of ink dots to one square inch of paper (DPI), the very nature of a circular dot means that unless they overlap (which they do not in the highest-quality printers) then small areas of white will be left without any ink on them. Because the dots of ink are so infinitesimally small, this means that to the naked eye, the areas of white are imperceptible.

The advantages of Inkjet technology over film

Techniques used in commercial printing differ greatly from those used by photographers. Developing photographs is more laborious, but the images produced from 35mm film are made up of solid colours, whether they be black and white, or the full colour spectrum.

Because developed as opposed to printed photographs are made up of solid blocks of colour, the clarity and sharpness is remarkable, and it is achieving the same result that has been the goal for us in the printing industry when using digital technology.

While a great deal of effort has been put into the creation and development of printer heads that can deliver an even greater number of dots per square inch, there have also been development in ink and of equal importance, the paper used.

Paper quality is critical for two reasons. First, top-quality paper allows ink dots to dry virtually instantaneously, which eliminates ‘bleed’, where dots merge and the image becomes ‘fuzzy’. Second, top-quality paper allows you to apply more ink, which increases the richness and dept of printed images.

The very best printers will only produce average-quality photographic prints if poor-quality paper is used. Our customers can be reassureed that our 190 gram 60” 1524 x 30m satin photo paper produces excellent results.

Technical Support and Sales Advice

Although our friendly sales staff have excellent product knowledge, just occasionally a customer can have a question about satin photo paper rolls or any other media that they can’t answer.  When this happens a member our print team can usually be relied on to provide the information. Entwistle are justifiably regarded as experts.

If you require any help please call sales on 0161 653 9310

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