36" (914mm X 60m) 190GSM Satin Photo Paper Roll

190 GSM 36" 914mm X 60m Satin Photo Paper Roll - 1 roll per pack

Product Details

A 190gram high-white instant-dry satin paper with a specific high-quality ink receiver layer and double-sided polyethylene coating that help to create excellent photo-realistic prints. This paper is suitable for digital photographic prints and proofing applications.

Manufacturer: SIHL

Range: Rocket Photo Paper PE Satin.

Why does our 190gsm 36” GSM Satin Photo Paper Rolls deliver outstanding results

A lot of technological know how goes into making high performance photo paper. The starting point is a high quality ink receiver layer which ensures ink hitting the surface is accurate and stays where it is supposed to be. This is vital if you wish to print photo quality images, fine details and smooth half tones. Papers for traditional toner based machines typically have a very flat surface (giving a flat image) unlike high quality instant dry satin papers where the surface is made up of tens of thousands of tiny pyramids. Problems such as metamerism or bronzing occur when a lower performance paper is unable to withstand heavy ink saturation when the droplets of ink bleed into one another. This results in colours appearing to shift under different lighting conditions or small colour variations being lost completely. Our 190gram 36” 914mm x 60m satin photo paper performs impeccably.

Sihl's 190 gram 914mm x 60m satin photo paper works equally well with dye based or pigmented inks, if you need your photo quality images to be fade resistant we would always suggest using pigmented (see our HP Z range of machines) where there is no compromise on quality but all the benefits of an ink designed to look as vibrant year after year. When you buy our 190gsm 36” satin white photo paper rolls you can be assured that tonal quality and dynamic colour accuracy will be highly impressive. Our rolls are also ideal for proofing. 

When you buy from a specialist print company like Entwistle Group that actually relies on the products it sells customers can be assured they are getting the best quality paper. Very few of our competitors actually print or even test the paper they sell.

We undertake exhaustive paper testing

We make huge investments in printer hardware to try and produce the highest quality prints for our customers but without high performance paper results are less than impressive. We have 13 inkJet printers across our four print operations in the North West and have tested a number of different 190 gsm 36” 914mm x 60m satin photo papers and have found SIHL's Rocket Photo paper to be outstanding.

Advances in digital printing

Advances in printing technology now means we are closer than ever to being able to produce photo-realistic prints. Considering that digital printing uses a totally different technique to that employed by photographers, this is quite an achievement!

Where developing photographic film is concerned, this involves the use of chemicals and the process creates a print with completely solid areas of colour, or black and white.

Our eyes compensate for dots by turning them into blocks of colour

Instead, inkjet technology uses a printer head with miniscule jets which leave individual tightly packed dots on the paper. If you were to look at this with a microscope, you would be able to see small areas of white between the dots. Because these areas of white are so infinitesimally small, when we look at a digital print our eyes compensate and join together each dot so the areas of white become totally imperceptible, leaving the impression of solid colours, as in a traditional photograph.

There is a two-pronged approach required for producing the very best results. Firstly, those printers able to print the highest number of dots within a given area (DPI) means the areas of white will be at a minimum and therefore the resulting print will look much closer to a real photograph.

Secondly, the role of paper in this process is equally as critical as a high-quality satin or gloss photo paper ensures that not only will more ink to be used (greater depth and richness) but it will also be absorbed more quickly, ensuring there is no bleed (no fuzzy edges).

Nationwide delivery

Providing orders are received before 3 pm they will be dispatched for next-day delivery to the UK mainland. Our online ordering system couldn’t be simpler but if you would prefer to talk to one of our sales team and place the order by phone, we are here to help.

Sales Advice

Our knowledgeable sales staff are amongst the most highly trained in the industry and deal with most questions customers have about satin photo paper rolls or any other media. In the unlikely event they can't reply to a query they can ask a member of our print team who will undoubtedly have the answer. Entwistle are justifiably regarded as experts.

If you require any help please call sales on 0161 653 9310

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