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25th September 2020

We’ve been doing a lot of print work recently for schools and higher education institutions to meet their demands for Health and Safety compliant Covid-19 signage. With referrals coming thick and fast (thank you) it suddenly dawned on us that we have become a bit of a specialist printer to the educational sector. Over the years we have worked with a number of schools and universities and have learnt which products survive in the heat of the classroom or hallway. Safe and durable seem to be key words that crop up time and again.

Experience has taught us that some products are better suited than others. For example signs should be made out of dibond as it is exceptionally hardwearing making it ideal for corridors and outdoor spaces. It can take knocks and although not scratch proof we can apply anti scratch and anti vandal laminates. As it sits very flat on the wall prying fingers can’t get behind to pull them it off and there are no exposed sharp edges to bump into. Coming in a range of sizes from A4 - A0 dibond signs can be used for just about any purpose.

Stunning wall graphics transform classrooms

One area where we have developed an extremely popular range of products involves whole-wall graphics. Beyond being extremely eye-catching and durable, they are a highly cost-effective alternative to patching or replacing worn and damaged walls. And the real beauty of these wall graphics, beyond their appearance, is they can be ‘made to measure’ so you can cover the whole of a wall, and not just a part of it.

You might be thinking they are delicate and will soon become damaged and scruffy by the bustle of school life but we have designed them for durability. We actually use a highly specialized type of hardened fabric and then print one piece to cover the entire wall. Experience has shown us that joints in the middle fray overtime either by being caught by ruck sacks or from fingers picking at them.

Custom wallpaper and window graphics

Another way to add some fun to the classroom are custom wall paper and window graphics. Windows are often overlooked but they can be made into very interesting spaces especially when using themes from the subjects that are taught in the classroom. Wallpaper can perform a similar function – just show us what you are after or provide some photos and we can do the rest.

These stunning graphics help enthuse children to learn and help to change the entire atmosphere of a classroom into somewhere children are excited to be.

Easy peel posters - hang, remove, re-use

Having a poster that can be hung on a temporary basis and then removed and put away has proved very popular. Whether they are providing directions for parents evenings or asking for silence when exams are taking place, they all provide clear and simple messaging that can be used time and again.

Our sustainable environmental printing practices

In keeping with the demands placed on businesses today, we are also pleased to confirm that we operate in as environmentally friendly way as possible, from recycling waste paper to using recycled card, along with specializing in eco-friendly non-solvent-based inks that print to the very highest quality. Even our building is an example of an exemplary green printing factory with a vast bank of solar panels and an array of energy saving technologies. For more details please click here.

Who we work with

Over time we have established some great working relationships with schools, colleges and universities to whom we have provided print services to. You could say we have become a specialist printer to the education sector. We are also aware that budgets are not only tight, but likely to get tighter, so costly experiences with unknown suppliers are the last thing you need. We have established an excellent rapport with all of the following, and we are confident that if you contact them, they will confirm all you need to know about the quality of our work, the fairness of our pricing, and the reliability to meet agreed delivery deadlines.

We have been engaged to provide specific educational printed products for the following:

  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Salford University
  • Manchester University
  • Oulder Hill Community School
  • Newhouse Academy
  • Wembely High Technology College
  • East Manchester Academy

COVID-19 signage

As trusted suppliers of printed COVID-19 signage for schools, we have ensured that all health and safety guidelines have been met, including R!0-certified products. In addition to all ‘standard’ signage and print we produce to assist with social distancing and to promote the washing of hands and wearing of masks, we have also created several ‘workarounds’ for floor decals where existing floors are too uneven for adhesive-backed decals. Some of our most popular COVID-19-related printed products include:

  • Floor graphics
  • Branded sanitiser stations
  • Acrylic signage
  • Repositional posters
  • A-frames
  • Welcome back brochures

Please check out our extensive range of COVID-19 signage HERE.

A complete print service for the education sector from start to finish 

While restrictions exist during the continued pandemic, we are currently still allowed to meet with you in person, visit you at your school or university (respecting social distancing rules and the wearing of face masks) or we can talk to you virtually if you would prefer. We can discuss in detail all options available to you and we can even provide a full measuring service for our wall graphics where we will visit you out of school hours and when there are no children to disturb.

Whatever your printing needs, or if you would just like to discuss some ideas that are just that, ideas, we will be delighted to spend time with you helping you to decide the best solutions for your needs. Just give us a call and we will be glad to have a talk.


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