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31st May 2018

Quality paper for quality printing

It can be all too easy to focus on print quality and the visual appearance of printed media, but lose sight of the importance of the material, the ‘media’ that is being printed.

It is interesting to note that as we move further and further into a ‘paperless’ society, the actual touch and feel of real documents or promotional material becomes more noticeable, which explains why demand for print has been increasing in recent years. 

Paper and card are tactile

As a result, the feel of printed media has become even more important. From a simple business card to printed notepaper, a brochure or invitation card, the look and feel, when combined, can make a huge statement well beyond what any actual message the print conveys.

Here at the Entwistle Group we have not only witnessed a huge change in the range of inks now available for printing, including HP’s latex inks, but the increased range in print media that has come about as a result. One of the biggest differences we have enjoyed is the use white ink in print copy, while the ability to add texture and height to print, creating an embossed feel and appearance has enabled us to provide an exceptional finish, particularly on our heavier-duty papers.

We don’t just use paper for printing, we supply paper as well

One of the advantages of being a busy printing company with four operations across the North West is that we are able to order printing materials in bulk, and with that bulk comes substantial discounts. While this enables us to be highly competitive when it comes to quoting for printing projects, it also enables us to sell-on printing materials in smaller quantities, yet still at competitive prices. Contact us for a quote if you need to buy any of the following:

  • Plain paper rolls and sheets
  • Inkjet paper - including uncoated, coated and Satin photo
  • Latex and Solvent Media - Canvas Rolls, banner vinyl rolls, vinyl cling rolls, backlit film rolls, roller banner materials
  • Graphics Pads – including layout pads, bleedproof marker pads, tracing pads, typographical detail pads, cartridge pads and drafting film

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Product testing

We Test all our products to see if they are suitable for our needs which is why we are so confident they are the best in the market. To pass our quality checks we assess issues like metamerism or bronzing, where colours appear to shift under different lighting conditions or where small colour variations are being lost completely. 

Some of our biggest selling products are: 

  • Satin photo paper rolls - these rolls are a heavyweight photo paper suitable for inkjet printing using dye and pigmented ink It has a satin coating to ensure vibrancy of colour, yet minimises glare. The paper is PE coated, meaning it is smudge resistant, while it dries instantly thanks to its microporous coating. Satin paper rolls are perfect for posters, photo-realistic images and exhibition graphics. Available in sizes from 432mm up to 1524mm in single rolls.
  • Canvas rolls – made from 100% cotton with an ultra-white matt coating which helps with improving contrast. Canvas is frequently used for fine-art reproduction and while durable, can be stretched, making it ideal for stapling to a wooden frame. It can also be sewn and grommeted if a banner needs to be created.
  • Banner vinyl rolls – highly suited to dye, UV-pigmented, eco-solvent & latex inks. Like canvas, banner vinyl can be sewn and grommeted.
  • Vinyl cling rolls – providing optimal dimensional stability, the polyester base of this medium lends itself well to increased vibrancy. The vinyl comes with a removable backing, while the adhesive used allows for repositioning, easy mounting and removal, ensuring that the printed product has extended functionality as well as durability. Available in sizes from 914mm up to 1524mm.

As you may now realise, there are few limitations today as to what can be printed, meaning that your options for using printed materials are also greatly improved. However, it gets much better than that….

Thanks to the ‘digital revolution’ and the complete rethinking of printing techniques, no longer does the expression ‘print run’ play a major role in the unit cost of printing. In the past printing was a relatively laborious process and much of the printing cost was comprised of set-up costs. Printing only really became a viable proposition when talking in terms of print runs starting at 500 units.

Today, one single print is both ‘doable’ as well as affordable and at the Entwistle group, we have no ‘minimum order’. We’re not going to ask you to pay for ten banners when you only need one, while the unit cost will vary only slightly.

When it comes to sales of printing paper, the same applies. Many of our clients have invested in printers that we sell, and part of the reason for buying a printer from the Entwistle Group has been our ability to also supply  printing paper at a discounted price and on an ‘as-and-when-needed basis’.


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