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20th May 2019

Entwistle Group might be over 120 years old but we have proved ourselves very adaptable to change over the years. We are now embracing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google my Business to communicate to our customers and anyone interested in our sphere the latest industry changes and what we as a company are doing. Not everyone is as fortunate to work with such innovative and creative customers which makes creating interesting posts a fairly easy task.

Alongside posting the latest collaborations with customers we also post the occasional special offer so there is definitely an incentive to follow us. Our posts cover:

  • Latest projects
  • New cutting edge services
  • Newly launched print machines
  • Services where we are offering a discount
  • Specialised print services (“we didn’t know you could do that!”)
  • Local and national cultural events that we are involved in

Using social networks to connect with customers wanting printers and printing services

There was a time when ‘representatives’ would ‘cold call’ potential clients to drum up business. We would advertise in local newspapers, print and distribute our own flyers, and attend trade shows. We would write to prospective clients and invite then to come and see us in action in the days when letters were sent by ‘pigeon post’. Looking back, everything seemed to be done so slowly, but it was the same for everyone.

Today we connect with our customers, past, present and future, digitally, and we are learning how social networks and social media work. As we have embraced the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, not so much to extend but more strengthen our reach, one thing has become very clear to us. While Facebook and Twitter are great for connecting with existing customers, Google tops the charts as a ‘source’ for new business.

Google helps us in two very clear cut ways. First comes in the form of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. In other words, if potential customers ‘Google’ the phrase “Printers in Openshaw”, up we will pop on the first page of results, along with a little map showing where we are located and a lovely 5* rating left on Google by happy customers. Below that, you will also find a link to our official website.

Google My Business helps you find local printers

The second way that Google helps is through what they call “Google My Business”. For us this makes being ‘found’ so much easier for potential customers and clients as you will have witnessed if you Googled “Printers in Middleton” a sit enables us to create a short and punchy business profile and ensures that when someone is looking for a printer in Middleton, they won’t just know we exist, they will be able to see on the map exactly where we are located, and Google’s reviews will give them an instant indication of customer satisfaction, almost an essential in today’s user review-driven world where instant results are what are needed.

By instant results, we don’t just mean the same day, we mean the same minute. How has this happened? Well at the end of 2016, according to Tech Crunch, for the first time ever, more people were accessing the internet from a mobile device rather than a PC or laptop. In other words, people were no longer happy to access information from their homes or offices, they wanted information ‘on the hoof’, while out and about, and for this reason alone Google my Business has become a godsend for us.

Follow Entwistle Group on Social Media

So, if you want to know what’s new at the Entwistle group, your best bet is to follow us in Twitter, but if you want to know where we are, then you’ll find us on Page 1 of Google search results for printers and printing supplies in Manchester, Bradford, Middleton and Warrington.

Of course, as you are already reading this article, you have clearly found us, so if there’s anything you’d like to know about the Entwistle Group, then get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.


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