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The KIP 650 printer offers all the traditional strengths of a toner based system in a compact body but is priced to appeal to a wider market than ever before. With the ability to produce high quality prints at exceptional speed and in the highest quality the KIP 650 makes a compelling case for any customer requiring affordable CAD, POS or non-photographic posters printed at a sustained speed of 360 A1s per hour.

who Is the target market for the KIP 650 printer

The KIP 650 printer should be at the top of any shortlist for busy architects, engineers or construction offices as well as commercial print providers who need to print in volume at affordable unit costs. 

hi-tech engineering improves reliability and quality

Class leading reliability and print quality have been achieved with the introduction of Contact Control Technology. The KIP 600 series printers now employ charge rollers instead of a traditional wire charging system. This means the new printers have zero ozone emissions but more importantly this gives the highest control possible of toner particles so they are placed with total precision on the media giving outstanding print quality.

print quality sets a new benchmark

With 600 x 2400 DPI, resolution is a highly impressive but the benefits of KIP’s toner technology have many advantages. Unlike its direct rival the HP Pagewide XL3900 the 650 excels at printing blocks of colour without banding but in addition print speed is a guaranteed 6 x A1 prints per minute regardless of print mode or the complexity of the document which is only a best case and mode dependant on the HP.  In the real world of the print room the KIP is often twice as fast.

waterproof and scratch proof ink

KIP’s toner based system has a number of advantages over standard dye or pigmented inks in relation to the durability of the toner on the paper. The toner forms an exceptionally robust image on the media which can be handled with ease as it is scratch free, smudge free and won’t run when highlighter pens are used. The strengths are:

  • Waterproof print
  • UV resistant
  • Highlighter safe
  • Smear proof
  • Archivable

productivity Improvments

From the outset the KIP 650 has been engineered with productivity in mind. It takes up a very small foot print making it the printer of choice for compact print rooms. It offers the benefits of front stacking and has two rolls for easy media switching and unattended printing.

user-friendliness and easy to use software

An intuitive 12 inch touch screen allows staff quick access to key functions of the printer. Advanced software is available which greatly simplifies work flow.  System K is KIPs printer OS that features a suite of software designed to empower users, allowing them to be more productive and less wasteful. KIP Image Pro is a job submission tool that can preflight jobs and highlight potential problems such as clipping or missing fonts before the job goes to print, reducing the need for costly reprints.

Image Pro also has features such as spot colour replacement, allowing you to hit your customers colour requirements without having to resort to lengthy artwork changes as well as media saving features such as nesting and a live roll preview to see how your jobs will print.


The KIP 650 has been designed to provide both cost information and strong user controls. KIP Cost Centre allows each printer to be configured to record prints to specific departments and projects making it an ideal choice for organisations such as councils or construction companies with centralised print-rooms where the printer is a shared resource and administrators need to know which department or project to allocate the cost of prints to. Summaries are easy to access and highly accurate.

User Access Control (KIP Accounting) allows printer administrators to determine who has access to the different functions available on the printer. In larger organisations it may be advantageous to restrict individuals from different departments to certain functions of the printer. Someone working in archiving can be given access to the scanning function of the printer but may be restricted from printing. Or you could restrict certain users or groups to printing in black only whilst allowing your marketing department for example to print in colour, thereby allowing you to cut costs arising from unnecessary printing.

Quick Summary

  • Toner based printer
  • Compact foot print
  • Technology improvements leading to increased reliability and higher print quality
  • Print speed 6 x A1 prints per minute
  • Print DPI 600 x 2400
  • Warm up time from standby – instant
  • 2 x 150m rolls


We are much more than just a highly experienced KIP authorised dealer with our own KIP engineers, we are printers and have one of the largest print operations in the Northwest. We understand print, process and workflows and this knowledge enables us to make sure our customers buy printers that best suit their needs. Our aftermarket care is first rate and our technical support is outstanding. If you would like a demonstration please call sales on 0161 653 9310.


  • Expert Sales Advice (Call 0161 653 9310)
  • Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Ink And Media 
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Old printers recycled
  • Delivery packaging re-used or recycled
  • Forest Stewardship Council® and recycled paper options
  • Energy efficient premises including solar panels
  • UKAS ISO 14001 Certified

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