Kip 970 multi-touch colour print system

Product Details

High volume work horse

The Kip 970 is a toner based printer designed for high volume production for CAD, map, sign and poster applications.  Buyers of the machine will most commonly be copy shops and large engineering and construction outfits who require drawings to be printed quickly and in high quantities.

Speed is typically 5 x faster than InkJet

Productivity is class leading for A0 and A1 sized prints.

  • Colour printing – 535 m² / 5,760 sq ft per hour
  • Black and White printing 670 m² / 7200 sq ft per hour

Quick switch Technology enables the Kip 970 to produce mixed print sets at maximum production speed. Roll switching delays are completely absent.

Print Quality

The 970 uses a CMYK dry toner system to produce accurate and vibrant images. The images are highly durable being both light fast and 100% water proof, making the images  ideal for outdoor applications.


The printer has been engineered with productivity in mind to support high volume printing.

  • Starting with warm up time, the Kip 970 can be ready to begin in less than 4 minutes from the power being turned on; from standby print is instant.
  • With 4 media rolls and a capacity of 725m² the frequency of reloading is reduced.
  • High Capacity 1500 gms toner tanks enable extended print runs between cartridge swaps.
  • Single pass black  – Increases speed and lowers running costs. With 1 pass prints are produced more quickly and less toner is used.
  • Roll loading is quick too thanks to an ergonomic roll cap system that simplifies the loading of rolls into the cavernous media draws.
  • Professional edge alignment stacking reduces post printing input.
  • Comes with a 12” touch screen to allow operators to have effortless control of the printer
  • KIP ImagePro Print Management suite software is included. Benefits include fast control of the machines functions, quick access to the tool bar, high definition viewer and image clean up.  Also allows nesting / 2 up panelling and colour management – ideal for production printing and reproducing prints as the colour on reprints is guaranteed to match the original.
  • Expert Sales Advice (Call 0161 653 9310)
  • Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Ink And Media 
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Old printers recycled
  • Delivery packaging re-used or recycled
  • Forest Stewardship Council® and recycled paper options
  • Energy efficient premises including solar panels
  • UKAS ISO 14001 Certified
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