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Intuitive application that drives sales 

HP WallArt and Signage Suite is available to all print service providers [PSP] who purchase an HP latex printer. It is a cloud based application that facilitates the creation of wall decals, wall paper, canvas prints and posters to fit precisely in a chosen space. 

Basic measurements of the space to be decorated, typically a room are fed into the app to create an accurate simulation/impression of the area onto which a pattern or image is being placed. Doors, windows and shelves can all be added so that their impact can be seen and the size and width of say a pattern or image can be enlarged or reduced to ensure the perfect fit avoiding unsightly gaps. The process is simple, quick and above all intuitive. 

HP's WallArt suite is compatible with most operating systems

The app works across various platforms including Mac, PC and most tablets. Its an exceptionally powerful sales tool as end customers can see in advance of ordering a highly accurate simulation of the area/room to be decorated. Where previously customers might have waivered on indecision or the side of caution, the app allows them to see the full impact of their design and this converts to higher sales.

The best way to understand how HPs WallArt suite works is to watch it in action. At Entwistle Group we would be happy to demonstrate this to you or alternatively if you would like a quick summary then we would recommend watching one of our videos.

The advantages to the PSP are numerous:

  • Poor resolution files are flagged up
  • Customer signs off design
  • Print ready files
  • Tiles are pre determined
  • Tile widths are customizable
  • Select butt jointed or over lapping tiles (your fitter may require this)
  • Tiles are optimised for Onyx RIP - best results every time

How can Entwistle Group Help?

At Entwistle Group we don’t just sell HP latex printers we us them ourselves. We have our own HP Latex 570 printer and have found it to be an excellent machine. Since demopnstarting the WallArt suite to some of interior design customers we have experienced a significant up turn in latex derived wall paper sales. We attribute this to two factors, the quality of the wallpaper itself and the ease of use of the WallArt app.

Designers are confident to use the app themselves and nolonger subcontract the work to specialist wall paper providers. Their profit margins increase and they are happy to demonstrate another skill set to their clients. 

How can I arrange a demonstration?

If you would like to see for yourself our 570 Latex printer in action producing a range of products from wallpaper to canvas prints then please call sales today on 0161 653 9310 and we would be delighted to arrange a viewing. Similarly if you have any questions about HP's WallArt and Signage Suite and would like to sample it yourself we would be delighted to demonstrate it. 



Wall Paper

Canvas Prints


Wall decals

Key Benefits

Cloud based

Intuitive to use

Increases sales

  • Expert Sales Advice (Call 0161 653 9310)
  • Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Ink And Media 
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Old printers recycled
  • Delivery packaging re-used or recycled
  • Forest Stewardship Council® and recycled paper options
  • Energy efficient premises including solar panels
  • UKAS ISO 14001 Certified
Want more information?

If you require a price or need product advice please call Sales on 0161 653 9310 or click on “enquire now” and provide a brief summary of the product you are interested in.

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