HP Designjet Z6 44" DR PostScript printer

Product Details

The HP Designjet Z6 DR is a 44” dual roll printer complete with a v-trimmer. It is an advanced GIS printer excelling at producing high resolution prints quickly. It benefits from a powerful processor, 2400 dpi resolution and a 6 cartridge system.

Who is the target market for the Z6?

Small print companies whose customers require:

  • high quality maps
  • posters
  • technical drawings
  • roll-up banners.

What are the key improvements over its predecessor?

Compared to the previous generation of Z series printers, the Z6 comes with a new print head design that works at a true 2400 dpi nozzle density which is a 100% improvement. Print speeds have been increased by up to 20% compared to the Z6200.

Another innovation for this series of printer is an integrated vertical trimmer facilitating fast and convenient trimming which enhances the printer’s and staff’s productivity.

The Z6 comes with a much improved processor and a significant increase in memory, now 128GB verses 32GB.

The differences between the Z6 and Z9 printers

The Z6 offers most of the print performance of the Z9. They both use the same print head but the Z9 has three additional print cartridges which can be upgraded to ten with an optional HP Gloss Enhancer Upgrade kit.

The Z6 does not have a an embedded spectrohometer and this combined with Z9’s larger ink cartridge count does give it a slight improvement in quality so for high end graphic applications and professional photography the Z9 might be the more compelling machine.

Print head

The HP Z6 comes equipped with a new design of printhead, the HP 746 series. The stand out feature of this print head is that it deploys two rows of print nozzles with each row capable of 1200 dpi, so when combined a true 2400 dpi is achieved. The extra detail from these machines is unbelievable. For increased quality the ink nozzles have been engineered to deliver more consistent ink drop across the whole nozzle plate and additional heat resistors have been placed at the printhead edges.

Dual Drop weight technology has been included allowing the printer to produce ink drops as small as 3pl (3/trillionths of a litre!). By varying the ink drop size larger drops can be used to fill larger areas of colour and whilst achieving better overlapping, eliminating gaps and faster print speeds. Small ink drops are used for light areas to reduce grain visibility and to negate the need for light colored inks. When combined (large and small drops) better colour transitions are achieved.

Why Buy your printer from Entwistle Group

We are much more than just an HP approved dealer, we are print experts. Our expertise extends further than just the printer itself but also covers the suitability of printers like the Z6. As one of the largest printers in the North West, our Manchester based team will ensure that you buy the best machine for your requirements. 

We have trained technicians on hand and offer the very highest levels of support. Should you require a demonstration please call sales now on 0161 653 9310.


HP Z6 PS Designjet 24" £2,050 + VAT excludes delivery

HP Z6 PS Designjet 44" £2,750 + VAT excludes delivery

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