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ROWE Offline and Online folder – Incredible flexibility

The Rowe VarioFold Compact is a modular folding system that can be configured as either an online or offline folder. This unique modular system means the folder can be set up to the user’s precise requirements.  The robust build quality and modern design along with the quiet operation allows it to  located in an open space office or print room.  The Rowe folder will save staff hours of manual drawing folding time, which can be tedious and time consuming.

Engineered to the highest level, the fold system produces a high quality, crisply folded drawing at an impressive 10 A0 drawings per minute.  The 12 folder pre -sets allows the user to select the fold pattern that suits their requirements.

Offline Folder Capability

In the basic configuration, the Rowe folder can be placed against a wall as the folded drawings exit into the front delivery tray.  This could be important for

offices or print rooms with very little space.  The folder can be floor stood on its height adjustable floor stand or it can be desk mounted using the folder’s desk stand.

The 12 pre-sets allow the user to select the finished fold or add a compensation fold, which could then be punched. This is especially useful for drawings that are needed to be kept in binders.  The folder has 2 standard Cross Fold options of 297mm and 305mm widths, but if a special width is required, the fold pattern can be saved in the 2 favorite keys.

The Rowe folder has 3 further App’s that can be installed if longer drawings  require folding.  APP SE increases the fanfold capability to 4 meters . APP PRO, increases this to 30 metres as well as increasing the crossfold width between 180mm to 420mm. APP Endless allows the user to fold drawing of unlimited length.

For drawings over 4 meters, the rear delivery tray needs to be fitted. Again the Rowe folder offers two rear delivery tray options. The standard tray holds up to 25 folded drawings or alternatively, the high volume motorised tray will hold up to 75 folded drawings.

Productivity Gains

Folding plans and drawings by hand is a laborious task tying up staff time on non productive work. In a busy design office or reprographics department the Rowe VariFold folder could pay for itself in little under 2 years or less.

Folding Speed

The folder is rated at 20m / min which equates to approximately 15 A0 drawings per minute which will save hours of manual folding time.  The speed of operation can be adjusted down, this can be done by the engineer when the folder is initially installed.   Even at full speed the folder produces high quality fanfolded prints.

Folding quality and ease of use

There are many features, which make this folder stand out:

  • Fold lengths: 2m, 4m, 30m and unlimited
  • Professional folding quality
  • Fan and Cross folds
  • Patented holding rollers for precise folds
  • 12 pre installed folding programs
  • Option to save a particular folding program as a “favorite”
  • A non stick coated feeder table produces optimal paper

Why buy the VarioFold Compact from Entwistle Group?

Entwistles have the most extensive knowledge of drawing folding machines in the industry having worked with all the worlds leading manufacturers. The knowledge we have gained over the last 20+ years means we are best placed to help our customers find he best folding solution for there drawing application. 

We have our own Manufacturer trained engineers which offer an on-site support service in the event of a breakdown we will have your folder up and running in no time. Service contracts are available for customers seeking total reassurance.

Free Training and Installation

We offer our customers free training and installation to ensure they maximise the performance of their folders. Although the folders are simple to use our customers benefit greatly from on site training. 

If you would like to know more about the Rowe VaroFold Compact or any folder please contact sales on 0161 653 9310.

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