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The SummaCut S2 T75 is the 29.2” version of the S2 series range of vinyl cutters. Summa’s S2 T series uses an advanced Tangential Head which offers even greater cutting precision than its sister range the S2 D series. This is a serious production machine capable of meeting the challenges of large and small businesses requiring vehicle wrapping, label printing, stickers and wall & interior décor.

Tagential Cutting Head

Corner cutting is significantly improved  by the ability to lift, rotate and re angle the cutting knife. Up to 600 grams of cutting force is applied ensuring that even harder materials such as sandblast are cut effortlessly and without deviation.


Using a newly designed Tangential cutting head the S2 D75 uses OPOS X technology which stands for optical positioning.  A sensor in the cutting head reads registration marks on the media that is being cut. This allows greater accuracy and critically media deformations and misalignments will not cause any cutting errors or the need to repeat prints, saving time and money.

The cutter is highly versatile and can apply registration marks for contour cutting on standard materials but also on holographic, reflective, or mirroring materials, and on the many different types of modern laminates.


The cutter has been designed with a dual servomotor for speed and accuracy and employs the following features to ensure maximum productivity:

  • A new processor which is seven times faster than the model it replaces.
  • New trim and sheet cut functionality allowing even more efficient integration with large format printers.
  • An easily programmable colour touch screen with eight accessible user configurations for rapid job  and media changes.
  • OptiCut  - simulates tangential cutting. Overtime there will be changes to the blade set caused by wear and tear, OptiCut compensates for this and makes sure the knife is orientated correctly so that cutting is always accurate during the blades' life span.
  • OverCut - extends the vector at the beginning and at the end of a curve. This ensures the design is cut through completely. Without the OverCut function, the cut line may not be completely closed, causing difficulties when weeding.
  • Integrated media rollers and roll angles load your vinyl straight and keep your media on track, even when cutting at top speed.
  • Ethernet Port for reliable and network connection.
  • The cutting head includes an automatic cut-off knife, which can be selected as an option to slice your media at the end of each run.


The S2 D75 has been engineered with great attention to tracking. As this is crucial to accurate cutting Summa have developed and patented the MicroSprocketTM grit roller.

Milled from the best materials in a unique process assuring each roller has an exacting diameter, Summa then specially coat each roller to eliminate the risk of wear and oxidation which could degrade tracking over time.


We are print experts and have extensive production facilities of our own in various locations throughout North West of England. We know from our own experience what are the best cutters to use and can demonstrate our range of wide format and flatbed printers, vinyl and flatbed cutters and laminators to customers in working production environments.

Our technical knowledge of equipment is unparalleled but we also understand production in its totality which is why we want to understand more about customers’ needs before recommending a specific model. Instead of selling an over specified expensive cutter we advise customers which model is most suitable and the most compatible with their existing equipment.

We also offer a range of 2, 3 and 5 years leasing options.


Entwistle Group offer complete peace of mind as our manufacturer trained & certified technicians are on hand to assist. We can deliver, network, commission and install a full range of printers, laminators, cutters and RIP software but just as importantly we offer staff training to ensure operators obtain the maximum performance from their machine.


We stock a large range of media including rolls of paper, self adhesive vinyls, cast vinyls, canvas, wallpaper, films, textiles, pop up and banner materials as well as blade sets and cutting tools.

If you have any questions about the SummaCut S2 D75 or require any further information or costings please call us on 0161 653 9310.


  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Label printing
  • Stickers
  • Wall & interior décor


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