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Any company considering a new cutter should look closely at the Summa S1 D140. It is a 54” vinyl cutter and represents the pinnacle of cutting technology and performance. It is equipped with the same OPOS sensor and advanced tracking found on the One Series range. It is exceptionally well engineered and will provide years of dependable service.

What does the Summa S1 D140 cut:

  • Vehicle graphics
  • Flock templates
  • Retail window stickers
  • Reflective, holographic mirroring materials
  • Labels
  • Technical textiles
  • Traffic signs
  • Intricate small stickers

Key strengths of the cutter :

1 Simplified work flow

A highly advanced OPOS (optical positioning sensor) sensor system has been developed to enhance productivity and automation

This Sensor can read from 4 – 128 marks at high speed allowing the operator to produce the finished product quicker than ever, even when cutting small items that require more accurate detection.

The sensor will read these marks from a wide range of materials and when using Opus barcodes coupled with Summa's built in MicroSprocket™ drive drum (which conditions the media as it advances to give spot-on tracking precision up to 8 metres) the operator can contour cut multiple jobs without having to make any adjustments, ultimately speeding up production and reducing costs.

2 Engineering

  • The S1 D140 FX  incorporates Summa’s advanced tracking system which allows a complete roll to be cut up to 8 meters in length accurately without reloading.
  • It also features highly durable titanium coated grit rollers to ensure an extended operational life span.
  • With 400 grams of pressure over the cut knife it can cut the most intricate of shapes accurately with smooth cut lines.
  • The cutting head has also been engineered to allow for quick switched between blades of different sizes, plotting pens and poncing tools.
  • A class leading servo motor drive system enables the machine to perform at exceptionally high speed even on demanding curves.

3 Simple to operate

Central to the S1 D140  FX user friendliness is a simple and intuitive touch screen. It has been designed to allow users to initiate cutting in seconds. To avoid confusion all adjustable parts of the cutter that the operator may need to setup are coloured in bright blue for easy identification.

4 Increased productivity with advanced software

GoSign Cutting software is included which allows users tremendous flexibility over managing the cutters workflow and features:

  • Enhanced file compatibility – import from a range of files including DFX or PLT files
  • Job log functionality – track jobs and monitor productivity
  • Material manager – a material database that stores your most often used materials so you don’t have to keep reconfiguring settings.
  • Workflow automation – drag your cutting files into the hot folder ready to be sent to the cutter

Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions                             176.5 x 70.4 x 111.2 cm
  • Media Width                           18.7 to 150 cm
  • Max working width                138.5 cm x 50m         
  • Alignment type                       Up to 2 x 64 marks on the X line
  • Accuracy                                  0.2% of move or 0.25mm whichever is greater
  • Knife pressure                        0 – 600 gr
  • Speed                                       Up to 1131 mm/s diagonal
  • Acceleration                            Up to 3G  diagonal
  • Connectivity                            Ethernet, USB, Wifi


If you would like any further information on the Summa S1 D140 vinyl cutter or any other cutter or printer please call sales now on 0161 653 9310.

We also stock a wide range of inks and vinyl media.


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  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Old equipment recycled
  • Delivery packaging re-used or recycled
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  • UKAS ISO 14001 Certified
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