Custom Vinyl Floor Decals

We offer a fully customisable design and print service

If your company or organisation requires covid-19 social distancing floor vinyls Entwistle Group offers a wide range of designs that can be ordered online or a custom print service where you either upload your design or ask us to design one for you. These floor signs are often referred to as floor vinyls, floor signs, floor markers, floor graphics or floor decals but they all amount to the same thing: clear social distancing guidance to the public and employees.   

Health and safety compliant

There are two main types of floor decals. The first are for smooth floor surfaces like wood laminate, plastic floor coverings, tile, or wood and are made out of none slip fire rated material that is also removeable (R10 slip resistance, low slip under UK certified pendulum test, BFL-S1 fire rated). Made from an ultra-tough polyester base they resists tearing and can withstand pallet trucks & stiletto heels.

The second is designed for more uneven surfaces like concrete, carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl and is easy to apply, reposition and remove and also R12 (slip resistance) and B1 (fire rating) certified. This type of floor decal is not as hardwearing as the ultra-tough polyester model. 

Both show excellent vibrant colour, are waterproof and can tolerate a range of cleaning materials

Order online from a large choice of designs

We have created of a number of designs to meet every requirement which can be ordered online but just as importantly we can produce any design or size required as we manufacture all our Covid-19 social distancing signage in-house. We supply social distancing floor signage for:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Universities
  • Factories
  • Libraries
  • Public buildings

Floor vinyls signs have different purposes 

It is most likely that all establishments are going to require some form of signage to encourage social distancing. Each companies needs will be slightly different. Some like super markets and shops will need to set up floor vinyls to create one way systems with flow routes and no entry signs. Others like offices will need floor signs asking visitors to stand two meters away from receptionists and queuing signs for canteens and other common areas.

At Entwistle Group we offer a range of standard templates but can design and print any type of floor signs that are both effective at encouraging social distancing but are also attractively designed and suit the aesthetic of the environmentthat they are positioned in. 

Corporate branded floor signs 

Although our comprehensive range of designs should suit most applications some customers require floor decals that echo their corporate branding. Other customers opt for elegant designs that complement the interior design of the room they are placed in. 

Easy to remove

Our floor stickers are easy to remove without the need for heat guns or specialist equipment however if you do need long term permanent messages we have products to cover this too. 

The correct type of vinyl for different surfaces. 

Depending upon where the floor signs are being placed you will need one of two types. If the floor decal is going on a smooth surface such as polished concrete or tile then the tougher hardwearing material would be our recommendation but if you need one that fits all applications the softer but more flexible product would be the better choice. 

Indoor and outdoor applications

Our floor signs can be robust outdoors too. Using different adhesives and an over laminate process for extra protection they are waterproof, hardwearing and capable of being cleaned by machine. Much will depend on the surface they are being applied to and the traffic going over them but we can advise which would be the best option. 

If you would like to know more about our custom floor vinyl printing service or have any other questions regarding social distancing floor signs please call or email sales on 0161 839 0661. We are based in Manchester but offer a natiowide delivery service.

We can also take sales orders over the phone if you wish to buy one of our standard ranges. 

We offer vinyl floor decals with the following messaging:

  • Keep social distancing
  • Queue here
  • One way system
  • Flow direction
  • No Entry
  • No exit
  • Wait here


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