250 GSM 50" Satin Photo Paper Rolls

250 GSM 50" Inch (1270mm X 45m) Ultra White Satin Photo Paper Rolls

1 Roll Pack

Product Details

A market leading 250 gram 50” 1270mm x 45m high white satin paper incorporating a smooth satin finish with high colour density performance to deliver the widest colour gamut possible. Manufactured with a special ink receiver layer and double sided polyethylene coating to ensure stunning results. The paper is compatible with all aqueous inkjet machines and has instant dry properties.

Manufacturer: Sihl Product: Rocket Photo Paper Satin

Applications for 250 gsm 50” satin photo paper rolls

Designed to work with wide format inkjet printers, this paper has a heavy weight feel giving an immediate impression of quality and substance. As the paper is more rigid it sits in frames better and does’t need mounting on thick board. This lends it to applications such as covers for look books, photo albums or portfolios and posters. .

Paper has had to improve to match improvements in Inkjet technology

As the performance of commercial inkjet printers has improved in recent years so too has paper. With printers achieving ever higher resolution and more precise colour reproduction due to increases in the number of ink cartridges they contain, paper has had to improve so as not be negate the hardware improvements.

The paper we sell goes under the most exhaustive tests

There are no secrets to producing amazing print –just expertise and the best wide format print machines, ink and paper. At Entwistle Group we don’t just “sell” we print.  We have four busy print operations in the North West and have 13 wide format printers producing top quality print for our exacting customers. We continuously test new paper in an attempt to provide ever better results.  We have found Sihl’s 250 gsm 50” to deliver on quality and provide consistent results, as well as value for money.

Entwistle Group relies on the quality of its work to retain its print customers so sourcing the best photo paper rolls in the market place is vital. Very few of our competitors actually print or even test the paper they sell.

Manufactured for quality

Our 250 gram 50” 1270 x 45m satin photo rolls achieve outstanding print results by ensuring the interaction between the ink and paper is controlled as precisely as possible. To ensure the accurate control of the ink droplets and their absorption by the paper, the paper features a special ink receiver layer. This is vital if one wishes to print photo quality images, fine details and smooth half tones. Traditional toner based printers use paper that typically have a very flat surface (giving a flat image) unlike high quality instant dry satin papers where the surface is made up of tens of thousands of tiny pyramids. Problems such as metamerism or bronzing occur when a lower performance paper is unable to withstand heavy ink saturation when the droplets of ink bleed into one another. Colours can appear to shift under different lighting conditions and small colour variations can be lost completely.

Compatibility – suitable for a wide range of printers and inks

Customers using wide format printers containing dye based inks or pigmented inks will find or our 250 gram 50” satin photo paper produces outstanding print quality. For customers requiring their photographic prints to be fade resistant we recommend using pigmented inks (see our HP Z range of machines) where there is no compromise on quality but all the benefits of an ink designed to look vibrant for years to come.  Dynamic colour accuracy and tonal quality and will be exceptionally strong making our satin photo rolls ideal for proofing.

Bulk buying equals significant discounts

At Entwistle Group we print on huge quantities of paper rolls. We buy in bulk which means we can offer very competitive prices. Ordering online is a simple process and all orders received before 3pm will be dispatched for next day delivery to the UK main land. If you prefer to talk to one of our sales team and place the order by phone please call us. 

More than just product advice

Within our group we have tremendous technical knowledge of both processes and products. For some customers our advice has proved invaluable. Our friendly sales staff have outstanding product knowledge of paper and print machines however just occasionally a customer can have a question about satin photo paper rolls or any other media that defeats our staff. When this happens an expert from one of our print operations can be relied on to provide the information. Entwistle can rightly claim to be industry experts.

Entwistle have been selling paper for over a century

Entwistle Group have been supplying paper in some form or another to designers, architects and engineering firms since 1899. For a mere 60 years we have also been involved in print. We have four print sites in the North West and consume a lot of paper which is why we bulk purchase paper and are able to offer such competitive prices.

Customer Accounts have a number of benefits

Setting up a customer account is a simple process. There are a number of benefits including 30 day settlement, free delivery for local customers and a dedicated ordering website which lists just the products you order regularly ensuring ordering couldn’t be simpler.

If you require any help please call sales on 0161 653 9310

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  • Also Available In 24" 36" 42" 60"
  • 100% recycled paper available

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